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Ruby Rose ( 18+ edit ) 1.0.1

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Original char by Unknown 

Edited by me. Must be 18 or older 

Hey guys, I'm back with another char that is Ruby Rose. For now, it only has a mating press position ( soundless too ), unfortunately. I'll update her by adding more positions, and maybe adding sounds too. Now, I'm working on her doggy. Also, I hope I didn't violate any rule. 

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Not a real update, but it's more likely... news. Helo people, how're you? As you know, my latest char edits went to HCM, since this place is either dead or flooded by naty vore edits. I've finished editing Ryuko Maoti, and maybe I'll add the ahegao version on September. But what about Ruby Rose, Black? I didn't forget about her, unfortunately, more likely, I decided to abandon it and make other stuff. Does this mean that Ruby won't be updated? Will she only have those 2 lame poses? Sadly yes...

But, why? Because it sucks imo, I don't like it at all. Hence why, I plan to remake a proper edits with my new skills and experience. Next year, I'll remake those 2 poses, and add the rest, along with adding a full Brian compatibility. Anyway, for those who don't know, I'm now editing Marian ( Double Dragon ) and Rachel Alucard ( Blazblue ). For those who want to keep themselves updated, join my Discord server, or foolow me thorugh my Twitter account. Thank you for Chippin' in.

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Ye let's be honest here...ruby his allways a win !

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Not bad for a char under development could you do her sister yang next when you're done

Response from the author:

Thanks, it's also my first ( second, if we count that Saki Tsuzura ) edit on a char. For now, it doesn't look that ultragreat, but I'm also practicing on Aseprite, whenevr I can. I've also made a Yoruichi edit ( still incomplete ) that is causing me some issues related to the dimension of the sprites.

Anyway, sure I'll work on Yang too, but now I already many chars requested ( Weiss, Kagome (?), a Morrigan without shoes, Caeda, Patty ). 

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Man this looks great, i hope to see this character with all the basic positions :D

Response from the author:

Hi, thanks a lot! Might take only a month or less until I finish this Ruby edit. Stay tuned!

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very good

Response from the author:

Thanks a lot! If there's a char you would like to be edited, ask me!


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Amazing! I've been looking for RWBY 18+ characters all over the internet but could never find one... until now. Absolutely awesome blackman34244! When's the next update?  

Response from the author:

Heya, released the news. If you want to keep updated, you can find my Discord on HCM.


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