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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Shadow Kouma done wrong!

He has the same gimmick as Shadow Kouma, transforming into random characters, but he has many issues.  From my experience, all of his transformations are tiny, despite having hitboxes that are the same size as his base sprites, not to mention that they'd be stolen from other characters (as pointed out by Rowser64), and some attacks have some notable errors.  Attacks like the apple bomb and launcher make his disappear completely, and the Homer Simpson rush can get stuff in infinite loop until he gets hit (also pointed out by Rowser64).  All of this, of course, is made worse by the fact that it's just another joke character that's beating a long dead horse.

This is not a character I would suggest downloading, outside of collection purposes.  If Ado was worth one star, I'd say this character is worth half a star or lower.

By GohkenYTP


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And it's not even a shadow, like you said...it's basically Shadow Kouma gone wrong, you're better off downloading Shadow Kouma instead.

I don't even care for Josh Geary but good lord, he didn't deserve this many edits. I'd recommend downloading better edited characters like Shadow Guile, Evil DIO, Magic Geese, Segalow, etc. Even Robo-Segalow is better then this...that's embarrassing. Like I said, I don't care about Josh Geary...but I bet even he would be ashamed of this edit coming to existence.

Response from the author:

The only Josh Geary worth downloading is Fosh Beary

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This is honestly a crappy creation of mine as a recent joke edit to Shadow Kouma.

Also, I didn't even know that Josh Geary's a long dead horse. >:P

Response from the author:

Wait, you ae GohkenYTP?

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