AI Generator

By Amaterachu1 in Add-ons,
-Netyzh-- If you have questions ask and I'll update the description and directly address you This may get complicated to use but obviously as time goes on you'll know what to do instantly. Do not get rid of any files in this folder. I recommend to copy and have a back up folder at all times Take every file out from the character you want to patch and copy and paste into the ai folder Alright now that everything is in the same folder and stuff activate ai.exe If the conversion is successful then it will say "Press Enter to Exit" and you'll see a bunch of the files in the code that you put in If the conversion is not successful then it will close out automatically You should now have AI-*filename* suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Put all of those along with the other files you copied such as sound etc. into a folder of it's own Copy aihelper2.cns and paste it into the folder. Drag and move the aisummary.txt file that also appeared out of nowhere and put it in the folder. Cool now we have everything set up to patch the guy/girl. Open the character def file and make a new st2 or st3. Make st2=aihelper2.cns and st3=aisummary.txt Sometimes the converter likes to mess up the ai coding so if you need help on that I'll try and fix the coding This thing down here should do some explaining  A Bunch of questions other people asked Does it increase AI performance or weaken it?                It will most likely increase it! :3