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Pack with all the stages created by Gêmeos dos Jogos:

Green Hill Zone (Sonic The Hedgehog for Master System)

Bridge Zone (Sonic The Hedgehog for Master System)

Special Stage (Sonic The Hedgehog for Master System)

Sky Base Zone - Act 2 (Sonic the Hedgehog for Master System)

Black Belt Boss Area (Black Belt for Master System)

The Jungle - Part 1 (Alex Kidd in Shinobi World)

ESWAT Boss Area (ESWAT - City Under Siege for Mega Drive/Sega Genesis)

Picknica (Super Fantasy Zone for Mega Drive/Sega Genesis)

Kenseiden Boss Area (Kenseiden for Master System)

Soccer Field (World Soccer for Master System)

The Swampy Estuary (Rivals of Aether)

The Forest Floor (Rivals of Aether)

Pridemoor Keep (Rivals of Aether)

Miami Dome (Brawlhalla)

Vila do Chaves (Street Chaves/El Chavo del Ocho)

Casa do Quico (Street Chaves/El Chavo del Ocho)

Casa do Seu Madruga (Street Chaves/El Chavo del Ocho)

Frente da Vila (Street Chaves/El Chavo del Ocho)

Outro Pátio (Street Chaves/El Chavo del Ocho)

Terreno Baldio (Street Chaves/El Chavo del Ocho)

Forest (Sparkster)

Ancient Ruins (Sparkster)

Lakeside (Sparkster)

Steel Works (Sparkster)

Grow - Stage 1 (Growl/Runark)

Crush Crawfish (Mega Man X3)

Gravity Beetle (Mega Man X3)

Challenge Stage (Mega Man 10)

The Village (Wonder Boy-The Dragon's Trap)

Mission 2-1 (Metal Slug 5)

Mission 1-3 (Metal Slug 6)

Stage 1 (Sunset Riders)

Poka-Poka Island (Super Adventure Island 2)

Fire Capital (Rivals of Aether)

The Rock Wall (Rivals of Aether)

Merchant Port (Rivals of Aether)

Treetop Lodge (Rivals of Aether)

Tempest Peak (Rivals of Aether)

Frozen Fortress (Rivals of Aether)

Julesvale (Rivals of Aether)


Edited by Brasiliam
Including the stages: Crush Crawfish & Gravity Beetle from Megaman X3

What's New in Version 1.0 & 1.1   See changelog


Adding the stages "Crush Crawfish & Gravity Beetle" from Megaman X3

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