Passive-Aggressive Chun-Li 1.0.0

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It's Chun-Li but she can switch between a passive and aggressive mode so that's not really passive aggressive it's passive or aggressive. Anyways this girl does pretty much everything Chun-li does. She kicks and has big legs and she's passive aggressive. So if you like being a complete wussy use passive mode but if you're an enraged asshole use aggressive, you know what I mean? Also you can hold start while selecting her to start out the match in aggressive mode so like Zelda and Shiek that's cool. Bregregrergersart also calls her the woman with a 2 frame jab so that's neat I guess. She has a shite ton of bytes in her sound files so yeah. Also in terms of the only two sites hosting Mugen content this is an exclusive file! Damn good exclusive too!


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