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Esidisi by Kishibe Light [The MUGEN Artist]


This character is incomplete. I had only completed the stance animation. The rest (such as the crouching and walking animations) are unfinished.

What needs to be completed:

The basic movement animations (crouching, walking, jumping, and dashing).

The basic attack animations.

The special moves.

The super moves.

Key Commands:

x: Low Attack
y: Medium Attack
z: Strong Attack
a: The unique move (He has no unique move when pressing "a". Instead, it's just a light kick because I used KFM as a base)
b: Dash Escape
😄 N/A
s: Taunt

Special Moves:

It's just the same as KFM.


Elecbyte (I used KFM as a base).

Warusaki3, Nimame, y.y, and amarimono for some effects and codes that I borrowed from.

Quasi-Detective for the ASB Esidisi voice clips.

Naza15 for Esidisi sprites such as the ingame icon and standing sprites. (About the standing sprites, I left them unused because it needs more work on everything)

Capcom for the original effects and sprites.

Hirohiko Araki for creating JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

And you for getting the character. :)

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