Marvel vs Capcom vs Whatever Else is There #2 1.0.0

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I took Jejabu's Golden Immemorial screenpack that was probably based on Capcom vs SNK and made a second version of the last game I compiled for my friends to once again play but didn't because we were all forced to go outside for the last day of school and my computer instantly ran out of batteries. This game includes about 94% of the characters in the last game (being 37 characters returning) and adds an entire 42 more new characters. It also has Felicia and Venom updated to match the game style more or just not suck. Sorry or you're welcome about that last row as my buddies wanted a lot of other (joke?) characters in the game.

If you have a really chill teacher that lets you bring out a laptop and play games in class then: pick this game to play, get a couple of wired or ps4 controllers, and play with your friends, it's really fun.

I'm not sure if I'll make a sequel after this one but if I do it'll be during the school year or if I get a bunch or requests somehow in god's way.

What's New in Version 1.0.0


Updated Saki Omokane. She also has infinite taunt
Lei-Lei is now Hsien-Ko
Improved aesthetics of the game

Updated Pyron so he matches the game and doesn't bring in his own game to the table
Everyone with EX in their name now isn't EX so yeah
Ton Pooh AI (in B stage)
Dormammu AI (in F stage I guess)
Michelle Heart AI (in A stage)
Added Ken's stage and theme
Added Zero's stage and theme
Added Tron's stage and theme

Ghetto Warmachine's stage is now Black Widow's stage
New theme for Black Widow's stage to match style and not come fom some unrelated game about slaying vampires
Added Ghetto Warmachine's stage and theme
Added Ton Pooh's stage and possibly placeholder theme
Added Dr. Strange's stage and theme
Added Hayato's stage and best theme in the game
Updated Gambit
Added new character with stage and theme music:Charlie
Added new character with stage and theme music:Sabretooth

She Hulk, Spencer, Phoenix, Phoenix Wright are in too
Added a bunch of  "secret" characters within the code. I probably added a bunch of other stuff too but I don't know.

If this was a PS1 game it'd take up about 85% of your 2GB memory card!
This is probably my last update on the game since I waited for quite some time until I stopped updating to update this. The game has honestly been in this state for about half a month.
Basically a couple of selection portraits were changed:
-Captain Commando

Characters Updated:
-Dante update 
-Felicia update
-B.B.Hood update
-Magneto update
-Viewtiful Joe update (+AI patch)
-Ruby Heart

There were lots of character buffs and nerfs probably but I don't know
honestly. The most significant were Juri Han and Ghost Rider doing 
less damage.

Changed a couple of characters into secret characters.
Added Wesker, Haggar, Sonson, Blade, and Jubilee.
Added lots of stages for everyone. By the time I release this
everyone should have a stage.
Made an AI Patch for Captain Commando and Felicia. Both inspired by...
                                         Aaron Alejandro and Kong.
Everyone has a win quote, whether it's just one or more.
Made all previous secret characters available from the start:
-Juri Han
-Ruby Heart
-Iron Fist

Added Demitri and Black Cat

Various updates to various characters. Fixing glitches, sounds, sprites maybe, or making moves easier to use/understand.

Only a few examples:
-Venom "Knuckles Jump Glitch" fixed
-Blade sounds like Blade now instead of Richter Belmont (I kept the laugh during special moves)
-Chun-Li and M. Bison commands are consistent with the rest of the roster

Alternate files for AI Patches. They aren't in base game because they kick too much ass which we already have enough characters who do that. This is a multiplayer focused game anyways though. Only fight these guys if you want to.

Various AI updates (Phoenix, Magneto, Storm, Jedah, Dormammu; Spencer optional AI files for Megaman, Anakaris, and Sonson)
Joker's theme is MvC styled
Gave Black Cat a little more love
Changed Ralph into 2.0

Changed Blackheart's voice to match the main games
I'm not sure if it was this update or the last but um, Gambit and Silver Samurai's staff and sword are actually a staff and sword now (disjointed)

Black Cat's stage has completely changed
Fixed Wonder Woman auto guard glitch

Lot of more optimizing and throwing away junk trivial files (at least enough to make the game under 2GB so I can upload the game easier and not have to have two files for downloading the entire game)

Changed Spencer's theme and stage (to avoid special move bars not appearing).
Fixed glitch where special move bars wouldn't appear in Phoenix's stage through update
Changed Jubilee's stage (to avoid special move bars not appearing)

All that's left is Haggar's stage... sorry.

I'm very sure I missed some stuff to list out for this update because the last update just states "various changes" so same here. There were various changes.



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