Emolga 1.0.1

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About This File

MvC2 Emolga by YochiThMaster333

What's New in Version 1.0.1


  • Added special victory quote against my upcoming(?) MvC2 Togedemaru character
  • Added new super: Discharge
  • Added many new palettes, including, but not limited to other Pika-clones' colors (especially Mimikyu's colors), Gallade's colors and so on (now other 15 palettes are disabled by default)
  • Added air dashes (they can be done in the same way as normal dashes)
  • Added reverse liedown animations
  • Replaced "fake Gumball" intro rip-off (where she is dressed up as Ballas) with sleeping Emolga intro (since I don't felt good to have that fake Gumball intro rip-off; if you like "fake Gumball" intro rip-off version more, contact me)
  • Brought back the "throw backwards" feature using same throw but in different direction that is previously seen in v0.892 delta (since I played SNK vs Capcom Match of The Millenium and used some throws, I realized that you can throw opponent either forward or backward. I mistakenly removed that feature from v1.0 of my MvC2 Emolga, but this feature is now back in v1.0.1!)
  • Changed small portrait sprite to the one that was redrawn from Learn with Pokemon: Typing Adventure sprite
  • Shoryuken move velocity has been tweaked
  • Fixed some typos and errors in two of her victory quotes ("pathethic" is now "pathetic", while "You're..., isn't it?" is now "You're..., aren't you?")
  • Some minor things I forgot to remember and put here


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