Emolga 1.0.3

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MvC2 Emolga by YochiThMaster333

What's New in Version 1.0.3


  • Oshawott assist now can't get thrown when he uses Water Gun (tested against FelixMario's second Oshawott (if Felix's Osha's internal name was modified first to make Emolga's Oshawott assist spawn while fighting against Felix's Osha))
  • Normals does not deal damage anymore when blocked (don't worry, normals still do damage if you don't block those)
  • Crouch punches are now needs to be blocked while crouching or standing
  • Some sprites are touched up or completely redrawn to look more smooth
  • Head shape in turning sprites (along with sprites from one of her win poses) has been altered
  • Changed animations for both standing and aerial medium kicks (the old one was pretty lame, though)
  • Added some new palettes (including the ones that are based off my OCs' colors)
  • Added/Changed/Altered special victory quotes against:
    Pikachu (altered)
    Morpeko (altered)
    It's a Bully/This is a Bully (changed)
    Terry Bogard (added)
    Nicolay Bessonov (another future WIP; added)


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