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A Null/SuperNull character that Test his opponent's defense, similar to what Infinity Zero does. 

Introduction to lethality:
Layers 1-2 is a normal to dead method without any isolation technology
Layers 3-5 is isolated attack, using %n attack technology
Layer 6 is to launch isolation attack by force, using API thread splitting attack technology
Layer 7 is all the attacks above are executed at the same time, and the interference time is 2 times of the ordinary single layer
Layer 8 is a special layer. The soul abyss will give up attacking the opponent's characters and attack the main program instead

(Very tough character to defeat) Some Supernulls on 1p side or high-tier/top-tier supernulls can defeat him.

I like the winmugen version the best because of the colors

WinMugen and WinMugen plus only

A good PC might be needed to run with this character.

Author = "Rin"


Edited by Thespeedster

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