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Mugen Creation tools and tuts compilation 2009 by Just No Point
M.U.G.E.N. Developer's Kit (9-14-2009) MUGEN WinMUGEN DOS Windows Linux PC games creator editor

original post: https://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/mugen-creation-tools-and-tuts-compilation-2009-142579.0.html

I really didn't know where the best place to put this was. When I was looking for Velcalculator I found a torrent for this. It had like no seeders at all but I grabbed it anyway in case anyone finished seeding some day. Low and behold today I noticed this finished!

This is a rar file that has several old tutorials and programs from 2009 and earlier. I have no idea who put it together. I did not check out everything in it. But it might be useful if just to have a trip to the past.

It is 150MB


Here is a list of what is in the rar

\M.U.G.E.N. releases\DOS\MUG10414.zip
\M.U.G.E.N. releases\Java\JMugen-0.2alpha.zip
\M.U.G.E.N. releases\Linux\mugen-2002-04-14.tar.bz2
\M.U.G.E.N. releases\Windows\mug01129.exe
\M.U.G.E.N. releases\Windows\Hi-Res WinM.U.G.E.N.rar
\M.U.G.E.N. releases\Windows\WinM.U.G.E.N. 2003 Beta version 3.08.2 w9w (2003.06.14B).rar
\M.U.G.E.N. releases\Windows\WinM.U.G.E.N. private beta test version 2002.04.14.rar
\M.U.G.E.N. releases\Windows\Hi-Res WinM.U.G.E.N. (with stages).zip
\M.U.G.E.N. releases\Windows\OpenMugenWin.zip
\M.U.G.E.N. releases\Windows\winmugen_04-07-04.zip
\M.U.G.E.N. releases\Windows\win-mugen_no_limit_patch.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\MvC [Character Template] 8.0.ace
\tools, frontends, etc\adxencd.exe
\tools, frontends, etc\artmoney731eng.exe
\tools, frontends, etc\Fighter Factory Ultimate version 2.5.exe
\tools, frontends, etc\mee0388.exe
\tools, frontends, etc\mee0388r.exe
\tools, frontends, etc\MovementCoder.exe
\tools, frontends, etc\allbmp20-html-minifix.tar.gz
\tools, frontends, etc\joy2key-1.6.tar.gz
\tools, frontends, etc\mtools099c.tar.gz
\tools, frontends, etc\JoyToKey English Version.htm
\tools, frontends, etc\tools.htm
\tools, frontends, etc\ALL BITMAP 2.0.html
\tools, frontends, etc\software.html
\tools, frontends, etc\NearInfinity.jar
\tools, frontends, etc\uinstallerxp7.jpg
\tools, frontends, etc\selectmanager1br9.png
\tools, frontends, etc\selectmanager2va8.png
\tools, frontends, etc\Actualizador_Stages.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\ICONS_32.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\ICONS_98.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\mugenhelp.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\mugenmaker.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\MvC System System Common Char Coding.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\MVC_Project_1[1].4.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\SelectManager.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\sff2tr04g.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\SF-KOF System Common Char Coding.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\sndrec32.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\TTW_Source_Code.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\Ultimate_Char_Tester_eng.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\Ultimate_Char_Tester_spanish.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\Ultimate_Installer.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\VelCalculator.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\XR_Source_Code.rar
\tools, frontends, etc\ArtMoney - game cheating utility.URL
\tools, frontends, etc\Mugen mugen.cfg file editor for DOS.URL
\tools, frontends, etc\Mugen mugen.cfg file editor for Linux.URL
\tools, frontends, etc\WinMugen mugen.cfg file editor for Windows.URL
\tools, frontends, etc\Act2pal_Pal2act.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\ACTsplicer.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\add004pie.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\allbmp20-html-minifix.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\allbmp20-sources-windows.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\allbmp20-windows-binaries-800x600.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\allbmp20-windows-binaries-standard.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\cmdcnseditor.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\CmdEditor.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\cnsdmg.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\ColoredMugen.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\comdlg32.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\custom.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\custom01129.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\custom10401.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\double_clsn.7z.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\dpadpr50.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\easychar04.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\EasyStage04.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\EternagaStageTemplate.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\fnt2pcx.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\FntEditor.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\ImageSplitter.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\jtk34.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\jtk374en.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\jtk379.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\mac.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\makeact.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\mcm.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\mcm_fr.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\mcm20b-dev356.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\mee_patch_for_XP.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\mee039e.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\mee04e.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\mim3b.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\mingwm10.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\MOSW1007.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\msm_100.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\msvbvm60.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\mtools.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\mtools098.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\mtools098a.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\MugCFGv10.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\MUGENATIONWORK.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\mugencfg.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\MuGenerator3fix.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\mugexev031.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\MugSel08.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\mvc.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\Mwc.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\MWCita.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\mwcspanishversion.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\MwcStart.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\paletero107.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\paleteroPortugues.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\pcxcln15.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\pcxclneg.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\PPJoySetup.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\PrjPalEdit.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\PSicture-101.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\PSound133.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\QtCore4.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\QtGui4.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\QtGui4-p1.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\QtGui4-p2.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\RancidEXv1.31.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\Rancidv1.0.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\RandomAD.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\SelectMake090.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\sffextract-0.93.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\sffextract-0.93-i386.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\sffextract-0.93-src.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\sndextract-0.1.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\sndextract-0.1-i386.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\sndextract-0.1-src.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\sndgv141_full.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\StageEditor.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\StageViewer.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\StageViewerAT.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\stageviewerDXE.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\startmugen.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\startmugen20.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\startmugen21.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\startmugen22.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\startwinmugen10.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\startwinmugen20.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\startwinmugen21.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\StoryboardViewer.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\SvC -- Character Template by Rolento.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\winmugen screenpack selector v2.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\zcc089sc.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\zcc30sc.zip
\tools, frontends, etc\zcharcad71.zip
\tutorials, etc\AI Activation
\tutorials, etc\MUGEN Dev Forum posts
\tutorials, etc\MUGEN TUTORIAL
\tutorials, etc\Necromancer's Code Archive
\tutorials, etc\Sprite Ripping Tutorial
\tutorials, etc\ssfer thread
\tutorials, etc\The Pixel Tutorial
\tutorials, etc\The AIR format and standard
\tutorials, etc\Samus's Background Tutorial.chm
\tutorials, etc\Samus's Background Tutorial.doc
\tutorials, etc\Installing screenpacks   adding lifebar   sounds for MUGEN.flv
\tutorials, etc\Mugen Tutorial - How to loop your music.flv
\tutorials, etc\Mugen Tutorial how to make chibi(small) chars bigger.flv
\tutorials, etc\M.U.G.E.N. required sprites.gif
\tutorials, etc\A Brief Introduction To Backgrounds.htm
\tutorials, etc\Artmoney Ripping Tutorial.htm
\tutorials, etc\Automate process to convert all sprites to pcx using Photoshop.htm
\tutorials, etc\Cabbit007's Lifebar Tutorial.htm
\tutorials, etc\Character Creation Walkthrough.htm
\tutorials, etc\Code Snippet Archive.htm
\tutorials, etc\CPS Parallax Tutorial.htm
\tutorials, etc\FAQ.htm
\tutorials, etc\Frankenspriting.htm
\tutorials, etc\Helpful Mugen Tips, Tools, and Tutorials.htm
\tutorials, etc\How do I use order number-.htm
\tutorials, etc\If you win a perfect match....htm
\tutorials, etc\J2K tutorial VR 1.0.htm
\tutorials, etc\JoJo's Bizarre Adventure @ Chankast.htm
\tutorials, etc\JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2 @ Chankast.htm
\tutorials, etc\JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3 @ Chankast.htm
\tutorials, etc\KI, MK and SF -- The movie sprite ripping tricks.htm
\tutorials, etc\KOF Debug CLSN by Kitsune Sniper & Deuce.htm
\tutorials, etc\M.U.G.E.N Tutorial - Emulating side-scroller characters- Part 1.3.htm
\tutorials, etc\M.U.G.E.N. (from Wikipedia)htm.htm
\tutorials, etc\Making character SFFs universally compatible.htm
\tutorials, etc\Midis on your Mugen.htm
\tutorials, etc\Module Music in WINMUGEN.htm
\tutorials, etc\Mugen's Filetypes.htm
\tutorials, etc\NEO GEO Sprite ripping tutorial.htm
\tutorials, etc\OolongV's MUGEN Bookmarks.htm
\tutorials, etc\Optimizing .sff files.htm
\tutorials, etc\Playing the correct characters music when Cpu challenges you .htm
\tutorials, etc\Ripping sprites from the Inuyasha PSOne Game.htm
\tutorials, etc\Solution for the usb Analog controllers without the switch.htm
\tutorials, etc\Sprite Bases.htm
\tutorials, etc\Sprite Packs-sound packs ~ the websites.htm
\tutorials, etc\Sykotik Character Creation Tutorial.htm
\tutorials, etc\Tools, Resources and Linkage.htm
\tutorials, etc\Tutorials about the m.u.g.e.n engine (1 of 2).htm
\tutorials, etc\Tutorials about the m.u.g.e.n engine (2 of 2).htm
\tutorials, etc\VGmusic playback.htm
\tutorials, etc\Win Mugen and it's Clsn Errors.htm
\tutorials, etc\Background - Stage Documentation.html
\tutorials, etc\blablim.html
\tutorials, etc\chinabnd.html
\tutorials, etc\Expressions.html
\tutorials, etc\Font Creation Tutorial.html
\tutorials, etc\How Do I...- A M.U.G.E.N primer -- Tutorial Part 1 - Getting started -- sprites.html
\tutorials, etc\How Do I...- A M.U.G.E.N primer -- Tutorial Part 2 - Collision boxes.html
\tutorials, etc\How Do I...- A M.U.G.E.N primer -- Tutorial Part 3 - A simple attack move (Part I).html
\tutorials, etc\How Do I...- A M.U.G.E.N primer -- Tutorial Part 4 - A simple attack move (Part II).html
\tutorials, etc\How to fix M.C.M.-compiled stage SFFs.html
\tutorials, etc\jim.html
\tutorials, etc\links.html
\tutorials, etc\Overview.html
\tutorials, etc\PSP Palette Tutorial by SLotman.html
\tutorials, etc\Stage parallax tutorial by VIB.html
\tutorials, etc\Storyboard documentation.html
\tutorials, etc\The CNS format.html
\tutorials, etc\What is M.U.G.E.N..html
\tutorials, etc\Sprite Art Method Tutorial.pdf
\tutorials, etc\Game Sprites Game Sprites Wiki.URL
\tutorials, etc\AI Activation\AI Activation Code.htm
\tutorials, etc\AI Activation\AI components.rar
\tutorials, etc\AI Activation\kfm optimal AI activation code.rar
\tutorials, etc\MUGEN Dev Forum posts
\tutorials, etc\MUGEN TUTORIAL\Alphabetical Trigger Index by ElecByte (details).htm
\tutorials, etc\MUGEN TUTORIAL\Alphabetical Trigger Index by ElecByte.htm
\tutorials, etc\MUGEN TUTORIAL\BASIC MOVES.htm
\tutorials, etc\MUGEN TUTORIAL\Creating Fireballs.htm
\tutorials, etc\MUGEN TUTORIAL\Creating Helpers.htm
\tutorials, etc\MUGEN TUTORIAL\Creating Sodom from scratch.htm
\tutorials, etc\MUGEN TUTORIAL\Making 2 in 1s (or Cancelling a normal move with a special move).htm
\tutorials, etc\MUGEN TUTORIAL\Making Chains (or comboing normal move into another normal move).htm
\tutorials, etc\Necromancer's Code Archive
\tutorials, etc\Sprite Ripping Tutorial
\tutorials, etc\ssfer thread\Sffer - SFF extraction and optimizing.htm
\tutorials, etc\The Pixel Tutorial


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