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Ryu (POTS / Modified by Beterhans) May 05 2020

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About This File

Customized version of Capcom's Ryu character from Capcom vs Snk series by beterhans
For Mugen 1.1 beta 1

Strong AI

This amazing character comes with 3 modes

Default, Evil and Master

Default : any button

Evil : start + light/medium punch/kick (you can also press back while the game is loading for use evil ryu with the default ryu color)

Master: Start + Strong Punch or Kick

What's New in Version May 05 2020   See changelog


=====<Version History>=====
<May 05 2020>
Fix a lot of code error which detected by FF3.5
Fix some duplicated hitbox may cause MUGEN 1.1 to crush

<July 04 2019>
Add intro VS DeathScythe's Akuma

<May 01 2019>
Some fix for widescreen AI

<Apr 12 2018>
Disabled Afterimage when use zoom
merged KO var  and no guard var to var18

<Dec 08 2018>
Fix Shin Shoryuken camera problem.
fix some AI problem.

<Aug 08 2016>
Add New Spcial Move Ryusokyaku
Add New Super LV3   Messatsu Gou Shouryuu (SF4 UC2) for only Evil Ryu
Add New Team Super Double Hadouken     (Active by this ryu)
Add New Team Super Double Shoryuken    (Active by Beterhans Edited Jmorphman Ken version date Aug 08 or Newer)

<June 10 2016>
Fix a bug on hadoken may not fire out at the edge of the zoomed stages
add super move's kanji name

<May.26.2016>By Beterhans
Bug fix for Mugen 1.1

<Mar 3 2016> By Beterhans
Update for Mugen 1.1 beta 1

<Dec.26 2015> By Beterhans
AI Tweak

<Nov 03 2015> by Beterhans
-AI Improved
-Messatsu Gou Shouryuu can be fired as a LV2 super move.
-Can Forward roll with keyboard

<Jun 7 2015> by Beterhans
-Fix Team battle bug

<Aug 7 2014> by BeterHans
-Team Win pose with KEN
-Team AI Frame work

<01.08.2014> by BeterHans
-bug fix

<16.02.2014> by BeterHans
-A.I. Update and bug fix
-New Quote vs Morrigan

<11.11.2011> by BeterHans
-A.I. Update
-Move adjust to improve accuracy
-Able to interactive with Jmorphman's Ken
-Bug Fix on LV3 Super

- For Mugen 1.0 now
- Cancel timing is more strict
- Opponent can't normally air recover out of combos
- Made Shinkuu Hadouken's startup faster and recovery longer. It will now connect from a
  cancelled Shoryuken
- Fixed an earlier mistake that made Master Ryu's Tatsumaki behave incorrectly
- Can cancel the sweep again, and Evil/Master modes can juggle a bit from it
- Revised Shoryuken hit velocities
- Zero Counters cost two levels of power and are done with a dragon punch motion

- Some fixes

- Some more general system fixes
- Opponent can now Tech Hit throws
- Applied SF4's command shortcuts to Shun Goku Satsu, you can now also do it as
  "x, x, F + a + z"

- Master Ryu now also has the special intro with my Shin Gouki

- Normal Ryu's Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku can no longer be stopped by several chars with a single
  parry, but rather one per hit
- Normal Ryu's Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku can now hit multiple times during Original Combo
- Evil Ryu can now juggle after Shinkuu Hadouken in the corner, if you're quick enough
- Evil Ryu can no longer jump higher, made him too floaty
- New Metsu Shoryuuken SFX
- Denjin Hadouken no longer knocks down
- Cleaned up the Joudan Sokutou Geri sprite edits a bit
- Denjin Hadouken charges faster for lower levels
- Improved timing on some of his normal attacks
- Jumping medium punch now sets the opponent for a juggle, but only Normal and Master Ryu have it
- Nidan Shouryuu Tsuki -> Shin Shoryuken is now done with the latter's command
- Walks a bit faster, but as such Evil/Master modes no longer get a speed boost
- Default palette is now SF2, plus added a SF4 palette
- Metsu Shoryuuken now does less damage, due to its corner juggle advantages
- Reppuu Jinrai Shou no longer automatically finishes with a Shoryuken, instead now lets you
  juggle after it
- Because of the more polished cancelling and juggling, Shin Shoryuken can no longer juggle
  (unless Super Canceled into)
- Defense levels now work correctly on single hits, or first hit of a combo
- The half circle version of Kuuchuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku now behaves like CvS2, sillier
  but more useful

- Can no longer Super Cancel Denjin Hadouken
- Master mode now has an uber stance
- Master mode now always uses Boufuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
- Master mode defence decreased
- Metsu Shoryuken is now a Level 2 Super move
- Ashura Senkuu now has invulnerable startup

- A lot of tweaking and bug fixes
- Rearranged the palettes (Master Ryu now uses the SF1 palette \o/)
- Can't remember the rest =P

- Mostly fixes and tweaked stuff
- Added super portrait for Lv3 Supers
- Shun Goku Satsu now deals 55% damage to normal opponents and 75% to evil characters (see
Other Info), no matter how much life and defence they have >=)
- Shun Goku Satsu can now be canceled from Ashura Senkuu
- Rugal can no longer evade Shun Goku Satsu, and now takes extra damage from it. God Rugal
remains the same though
- Added Flattened special anim
- Added special intro vs Byakko's CvS2 Ryo
- Added special intro vs my Sakura
- Hadouken and Shinkuu Hadouken now have high resolution
- Standing attacks that aim low can no longer be air-blocked 
- Stricter timing on the Nidan Shoryuu Tsuki to Shin Shoryuu Ken cancel
- Slightly increased Shouryuu Ken's range, for smoother cancels
- Shin Shouryuu Ken now hits jumping opponents correctly

- Made the char exclusive to Linux and Windows Mugen
- Fixed most bugs
- Either tweaked or remade everything
- Axis is now the same as in CvS2
- More differences between each mode
- Super moves now only have one level of strength but, in exchange for it, better combos are
now possible
- Changed the throw system to SFZ3
- Normal attacks can now be cancelled into the taunt
- Shun Goku Satsu now behaves like with my Shin Gouki
- Added some moves
- Added Power Charge
- Implemented a Damage Reduction system
- Replaced some voice samples with CFE ones
- Tweaked and added some fx
- Added CvS2 sparks
- New flaming Shun Goku Satsu win screen
- Added intro vs my Shin Gouki
- Added intro vs Byakko's CvS2 Another Kyo
- Lots more

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