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Ken ( POTS / Modified by Beterhans ) May 02 2020

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About This File

Customized version of Capcom's Ken character, for MUGEN 1.1 beta 1 by Beterhans

Strong AI

This character contains 3 modes

Default, Violent and Master or what Beterhans likes to call "Daigo mode"

Default : any button

Violent : Start + Light/medium punch/kick

Master/Daigo: Start + Strong punch/kick (you can also hold back while having this selected in the loading screen for play master ken with the default color)

What's New in Version May 02 2020   See changelog


=====<Version History>=====
<May 02 2020>
Fix a lot of code error which detected by FF3.5
Fix some duplicated hitbox may casue MUGEN 1.1 crash

<May 01 2019>
Some fix for widescreen AI

<Dec 9 2018>
fix camera problem

<Aug 08 2016>
Add New Super LV3 Guren Enjinkyaku     (SF5 Type)
Add New Team Super Double Hadouken     (Active by Beterhans Edited POTS Ryu version date Aug 08 or Newer)
Add New Team Super Double Shoryuken    (Active by this Ken)

<June 10 2016>
Fix a bug on hadoken may not fire out at the edge of the zoomed stages
add super move's kanji name

<May.26.2016>By Beterhans
Bug fix for Mugen 1.1

<Mar.11.2016>By Beterhans
Update for mugen 1.1 beta 1

<Dec.26 2015>By Beterhans
New Custom Combo for AI
AI Tweak

<Nov.3 2015> by Beterhans
-Bug fix
-AI bug fix

<Jun 7 2015> by Beterhans
-Fix Team battle bug

<Jun 7 2015> by Beterhans
-Special Intro with my Awakened Morrigan

<Aug 7 2014> by Beterhans
-Team win pose with ryu
-Team AI Framework

<01/08/2014> by Beterhans
 - Bug fix

<16/02/2014> by Beterhans
 - Bug fix
 - New Quote vs Morrigan

<15/02/2013> by Beterhans
 - Bug fix
 - Dumper change
 - System change
 - AI change

 - Throw damage changed
 - Changed around some canceling rules

 - Increased guard hit times for Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
 - Fixed bug which caused Violent and Master modes to lose life when parrying
 - Made canceling some moves more lenient
 - Modified airborne Tatsumaki Senpukyaku airtime
 - Level 1 Shippu Jinraikyaku now behaves like it does in SFIII:3S

 - Fixed an EX Hadoken bug
 - Removed bug involving level 2 Shoryureppa hits on airborne opponent
 - Corrected problem with backwards roll not having any invincibility frames palfx on jouen shinryuken
 - Fixed some minor fire PalFX issues
 - Modified some canceling rules

 - First release

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