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Don't shoot the uploader, pls

A rather... savory character from the old days of MUGEN. Hotfixed to have hurt sprites and "alternate palettes" (he only has like 3 colors in his sprite anyway)

Original by arcadboy.


Edited by dronkhaha
Forgot to add author name

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Arcadboy is really something else.

But honestly why would you even upload this. Some kind of test? This actually gave me an idea for a new feature of the site so the shitty nude preview rule is much easier to moderate.

Just treat it like Twitter! If content is extremely inappropriate then we could just put that label on the file which will hide it until the covers are blown!

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8 hours ago, KanbeiKS7 said:

So can we shoot the uploader now?

I'm waiting for AK1 to put a warning before viewing the file.

And the answer is up to you. They took the time to upload the file. Trying to act innocent but they don't realize that they were asking for it.

We don't know 100% sure what the race of the uploader is either. What's the intent? I know that while one shouldn't, some of the black race do use this inappropriate and in that scenario self-destructive word as a brotherly invitation. There are many factors to think about when punishing or flaming somebody.

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