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Yuri Sprite Concept.png
© Team Salvato
Credit The Pepsi In The Comments Team Salvato

Yuri Sprite Concept.png


The Pepsi In The Comments Team Salvato


© Team Salvato

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I had realized that out of all the Dokis in MUGEN, we don't have Yuri yet! So here's a sprite of her I created today using Hakuno from Fate Grand Order as a base!

How did I do on it?


(Also, anyone can use this for anything they want.)

Yuri Portrait Concept.jpg

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Actually, we do have Sayori and Natsuki AND Yuri.

Sayori has been made as five joke characters: One being a custom Final Fantasy Record Keeper character, three of them being OHKO Suicide Sayoris, and one being Yeet Sayori.

Natsuki has been made by AngryBirdCooler, albeit in her chibi form.

Yuri has been made, but currently only exists as a spriteswap of Natsuki.

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