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  1. I remember i found in the ddrcreations owner page with the Gossamer webpage what was made for this likely his other creations, i give you the link, the download link is still unavailable obvious you know why. https://ddrcreations.com/Gossamer.htm Probably the creator have plans for release the character in some point of this year generation but not for a unknown reason as always. In the DDR's mugen webpage you can found also for this character with the above posted gif of the character as you posted here in the andersonkenya page but the site redirects you another fundpage altho
  2. Good i don't consider this is a lost media character just he is busy with his app games i know right he needs to expand in other websites for get more downloads and goods and all these he is told me. I support him as i can with my time and life, with the passing of time was obscure and nobody knows only who want to know what happened with the character good i'am informing all what i know. I hope for the sake some day he release the character in this generation for that i was waiting a lot of time and almost years like a decade. Good luck if he's can release anything in his websi
  3. IIRC his app games are available in Steam or in App Store, yeah sadly i didn't see any progress since the last year and his forum is vandalized with these freaky bots. And if you want i can drag the photo of his email reply okay?. Just in case you are wondering what is he saying about the character, i'm not lying.
  4. 1. Yes 2. I know is worthless this, what's more i can say? you guys need wait with more years ago since that Phooey and Frank Jr took 2 years later. Anyway i will check any update of him if is going to be release or not because some people are telling is a lost mugen character but i don't think so since the character was created since 2018 when DDR posts these pictures in his funding page, not in 2010 after i talk with him he's explains me in the 2019 about all he know about the character and so that's all what i know until now.
  5. Hmm, he told me the character is in half of the progress and only could be full released when his app games reach the 1k downloads. Note: I have evidence about this character during the 2019 when i take a picture asking about the character. Who knows if someday the creator is back and we will have to wait if let's see if he says something asking him about that character laterly by there.
  6. The A.I have missing his cns fie in his respective folder for a reason.. somebody notice this?
    The A.I Patch who was made for this character it is better than mine i did before bud, IX author probably make good amount decent size of A.I Patch for western characters or foreign there.
    Classic stage of JJ2 Game! i hope to see more since was one of my first videogames of other generations
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