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  1. Gave FNF an opportunity some months ago.

    Best choice in my life.

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    2. General Dorito

      General Dorito

      The gameplay is basically Dance pad games but with keybinds. It sounds simple, but It ended up being addictive somehow. If you're gonna play it, download the Whitty mod on this page instead of downloading the Github vertion or playing it on Newgrounds. The mod basically contains the entire game (except Week 7), Whitty week and options to make it playable. THE ORIGINAL GITHUB ONE DOESN'T HAVE OPTIONS.

    3. DejaVuFlame


      I mean, I honestly can't say the same.  I absolutely suck at FNF, and besides, as creative as the community can be, it's really all for what's essentially a DDR clone.

    4. General Dorito

      General Dorito

      Sadly, but still,  the game revived Newgrounds so lol

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