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  1. Actually, most of the sprites aren't custom. It's based on a custom Rivals Of Aether character, though the author of that Obama is credited in the readme.
  2. Kinda sad the creator tried to get rid of this masterpiece of a joke to focus on his shitty MLP characters with the very unnecessary Mega Man/Sonic movesets.
  3. Pretty much an edit of Dante. I do like the concept of the P5 characters in MUGEN (I jokingly see Futaba/Oracle as a Kula sprite edit), though. Sucks every one we have sucks, though, however this one is a step above. That isn't saying much, though.
  4. I can pretty much see there's no effort put in and this is cheap for the sake of being cheap.
  5. I meant, do you know what kind of game Project X is?
  6. Abrasive side, abrasive side, Abrasive side, abrasive side, And now I can say... no!
  7. "What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk... Have at you!"
  8. Because it's this Dracula, I wanna do this chain. "Die monster. You don't belong in this world!"
  9. About that last comment, I don't mean to diss any uploads, but seeing a vore edit of Elsa just... freaked me out than most of them usually do (some of the Yoshi edits are definitely up there). It was also supposed to be more of a meme response than anything. I'm not a vore person and usually ignore it, but... You can see why. I also fucking despise Frozen with every bone in my body, so there's that, too. I'd pretty much keep a lot of negative things to myself unless they truly piss me off (the 1-star reviews are a good example of me reacting to things by people that shouldn't be in the co
  10. Or Neopolitan from RWBY. Or the ice cream her design is based on.
  11. Also, call this weird, but I think this was some sort of follow-up to this poop of his:
  12. New video out now



    1. DejaVuFlame


      King Kong won, didn't he?

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