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  1. This Naruto is well worth it!
  2. KROOL..Kool!
  3. WRONG! This is Not an 18+ Character!
  4. I love Jumbo!
  5. She's Bouncy In'nit?
  6. Oh Lawd She Comin'!
  7. That's Cool!
  8. Yeah Mr Mikey! I Agree!
  9. It was originally by ClubDogMapa But I later Edited It. I'm Not A Thief. Please read carefully next time!
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Caution: NSFW! Recommended for ages 18+ and above! This Latest Version of 18+ Minotaur (Gay) is edited by me and originally made by CLUBDOGMApa . He entirely remains the same - obviously being Compatible with 18+ Minotaur (Without the Female Minotaur) but gay, except that he's exclusively compatible with Kuromaru (except for Kuromaru's Vore finishers & Slime Plus Compatibility because I was busy for sometime - I'll update him with more NSFW Compatibility Moves as soon as possible!) & Buta Yaro, though some tiny mistakes might remain. He's Still average with Slime Plus on the other hand because I was busy with my work but I'll do it another day. Unfortunately, I really couldn't fix his palettes. Anyhow I've tried my best to edit him with plenty of effort. Good Luck! UPDATE 29.07.2020 MORE 18+ COMPATIBILITY FOR MINOTAUR INCLUDED!
  11. This Kuromaru is Edited as a SFW Character. And That's Why!
  12. That's a SFW Character. NOT NSFW!, Are you crazy?!
  13. Leo

    I'm Making a Leo with Actual Custom Sprites and an MvC2 Gameplay!
  14. Cipito's Cousin Indeed!