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  1. Leo

    I'm Making a Leo with Actual Custom Sprites and an MvC2 Gameplay!
  2. Cipito's Cousin Indeed!
  3. You can also destroy her with this:
  4. My SFW Minotaur with MvC moves is Currently my WIP...

  5. FUN FACT: Did you know That 18+ Vore in MUGEN Was actually a Mistake too?

    1. General Dorito

      General Dorito

      I don't know Vore's definition.

    The Best Miku in MUGEN So Far, Despite the brutal AI and hilarious Mechanics!
    Awful 18+ Character that's Very Difficult to beat. Not recommended, unless if she's here for 18+ fans!
  6. Tendril is the next worst offender of 18+ MUGEN. She can literally spam lots of **** things, clones of herself and projectiles all over the screen and she also have a vore finisher as well. She's a very difficult character to beat - unless you can use a cheap char to destroy her!
  7. Ripps is the worst 18+ character ever made in MUGEN. Aside from 18+ stuff including the bug thing - It has terrible quality sprites, some missing sprites and animations and worst of all it has NO K.O. animation whatsoever!
  8. Unfortunately, 18+ Queen of Fighters absolutely atrocious...
  9. Very badly done 18+ Character sadly...
  10. Unfortunately, Gel Isn't even an 18+ Character at all!
  11. No! Dopefish Isn't An 18+ Character. That's really stupid!
  12. Whoa! Scary Indeed!