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    I don't know what does it mean by "Hiper", but this character is awesome. My magic and fire-breathing powers are totally legit, therefore this is the best representation of me for MUGEN. Everyone should download this character if you're looking for the ultimate Jackson experience. HEE HEE!
    This stage is great, it stays faithful to the original game its borrowed from, and it's a neat callback to the SEGA Retro library If you love SEGA or any retro games-themed MUGEN stages, this one is for you. It might just need some better lightning, but it's a near perfect stage HEE HEE!
    While the concept is pretty neat (More competition for Fast Food characters like Donald, Colonel, etc.) This character is just an edit from Phoenix Wright, the char made for MUGEN. Some animations and sprites are still unfinished, I'm sure the final product will be a cool new character HEE HEE!
    The sprite animations might need some work, but it's a great char nonetheless Recommended for any MUGEN Marvel fan. HEE HEE!
    Excellent character movement and animation, he would be great if the Ai gets some buff though. The Vision is one of the best Avengers out there, and it totally deserved to be in any of the MvC official games. HEE HEE!
    I think this is the only good iteration of Aerith for MUGEN, but it's definitely the best version out there! It has great combos and movement animations, along with Infinite's Cloud Strife, these are the best FFVII characters for MUGEN today! Totally recommended HEE HEE!!
    Beautiful character spritestyle, one of the best characters for MUGEN these days Totally recommended for anyone's collection. HEE HEE!
    Excelllent Boss character, it's one of the better versions for MvC HEE HEE!
    That idle animation is smooth as butter, love this classic character! HEE HEE!
    This edited char is a great idea, but it lacks some good or better animation. Great for collection purposes! HEE HEE!
    This char has a good AI, so he deals some big damage as an opponent, but it's not unbeatable. Recommended for any wrestling fan! HEE HEE!
    Great character!! It really is big as the movie, haha! This char is great for your MUGEN collection, just a remindar that it may not fit your screen since it really is a BIG char HEE HEE!
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