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    This character is totally OP, pretty much undefeatable at this point. But, there's something about her image that disturbes me, when you select this char, the woman doesn't stop yelling (Which i'm pretty she's crying) A really strange and disturbing character. Although this character is unbeatable, I would recommend it for anyone's collection due to its originality and creepiness. HEE HEE!!
  1. Want to defeat this char? Here's a worthy opponent
    This character is really something else.. Pretty hard to beat since it takes a lot of spam and finishers But I like the originality in this char (I would recommend to +18MUGEN fans ONLY.) HEE HEE!
    It's a pretty interesting character with a creative moveset Sprites need some work, but it's a nice character overall HEE HEE!
    Great character if you're interested in char collections HEE HEE!
    Great sprite animations for a character that's totally different from the original Cap. Totally recommended if you're a Marvel MUGEN hardcore fan! HEE HEE!
    I love the spritework and detail put in this character's moveset HEE HEE!
    There's no big change on the moveset, but the voiceover is prettty nice for the fans! HEE HEE!
    I had no idea that this sprites are from Gill from SF3 it's interesting. Ok moveset, but great character for the Wrestling section!
    It's an ok stage, simple but great for the Naruto fanbase Sadly we don't know the author, but it's a decent stage! HEE HEE!
    One of my personal favourites, this char is pretty unique and creative in its moveset! HEE HEE!
    Excellent stage from the Sonic franchise, from the detail, to the music HEE HEE!
    I think I'd rather stick with the originals, nice palettes tho!
    This takes me back to the Nightmare SSJ4 Broly videos, such great memories! This guy is though as hell though HEE HEE!
    One of the best screenpacks out there HEE HEE!