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  1. Archangel Mikey


    Place reputation here.
  2. A HUGE Happy Birthday to MUGEN! 22 YEARS OLD! To celebrate, I made a roster of iconic MUGEN OC's! (Sadly, no the Black Heart Characters.) Including the Legend himself, AK1! Happy Birthday MUGEN! Keep on fighting!

    MUGEN 22nd Anniversary Collage.png

    1. DejaVuFlame


      Kinda weird how you put both New Daniel and Old Daniel in the same collage.

    2. Archangel Mikey

      Archangel Mikey

      Yeah. I wanted to make them feel like they're part of the collage!

  3. In case some are wondering what got me into MUGEN. I first discovered MUGEN in my homeschool year of 2015. My first video I watched was Spongebob and Sonic the Hedgehog survival run. During those times, I discovered one survival MUGEN gameplay. That was the man, the myth the legend, Sir AK1. I was on a MUGEN binge watching Spree! Then in the year 2017, I started playing MUGEN. At first it was hard adding MUGEN characters. I would always download MUGEN games just to add some characters to my roster. July was the year I discovered MUGEN. My roster wasn't big. It had a decent amount of characters! The 12 that started my journey.

    My Very First MUGEN Roster.jpg

    1. DejaVuFlame


      Perhaps you could specify which versions of these characters you were using?

    2. Archangel Mikey

      Archangel Mikey

      Kung fu man by Elecbyte

      Goku by Choujin

      Ryu by Pots 

      Daisy by Ernesto G perez

      Mauru by Inverse 

      Gunter by Tin

      Captain Falcon by Kamekaze first version 

      Iron Man by Erradicator

      Captain America by Mystikblaze

      Juggernaut by Kamekaze 

      Omega Red by Cyanide

      Vegeta by Choujin

      *whew* there.




  4. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Made by Laspacho & O Ilusionista (RMM Version)
  5. View File Crash Man Made by Laspacho & O Ilusionista (RMM Version) Submitter Archangel Mikey Submitted 07/08/2021 Category Mega Man  
  6. I Don't know if I downloaded the wrong Super Smash Bros. or not. It's a joke come on!  Kazuya VS. Super Smash Bros. (MUGEN).mp4
  7. I was playing SO MUCH Neo Geo Pocket Selection on my Switch in the past week. Back then I made many Neo Geo Pocket HD Colors for most characters. Mainly SNK. But I took a picture of one yesterday.


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