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  1. Here is what will happen Alber: Hey hey hye goku: Hey! You're strong! I can tell from your eyes! Despite your physical appearance you posess immense strength... lets fight! Albert: huhuh okeyyyy! Goku then shoots some bullshit energy at albert and albert repels it back to goku and albert wins.
  2. Yep that's the video Waaaaaahahaaaaaa But also... damn that's a good ass deal compared to other prices I used to see for that plush.
  3. Nah goku blow up universe. boom
  4. Please post in the right category. The files were over 150mb. Gonna need to break them up or delete unused content like images, txt files, etc.
  5. Amaterachu1


    Gotta give my respects to my Chuih brothas and sistahs
  6. I just added Gemini Sunrise to the list heh heh heh
  7. Please please please stop uploading duplicates and search before you upload something.


    1. Neopolitan17


      ok.... im so sorry

  8. If I were to hypothetically come back to mugen which character should I make?
  9. Amaterachu1


    I have all kinds of weird dreams, this was the most normal one.
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