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  1. View File Stage Viewer Tool --XiRtAmOn-- An old stage Viewer tool. Might not work with all stages. Submitter Amaterachu1 Submitted 06/10/2022 Category Add-ons  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    --XiRtAmOn-- An old stage Viewer tool. Might not work with all stages.
  3. Osiedloowa is not lost  
  4. @Ian Brandon AndersonWhere's the Author?
  5. Always when some 12p character comes up ruins everything
  6. Kurogane's Touhous don't have such a phase so it's probably a diffferent author. I can't help you there unless you show where you got it from.
  7. You mean the healing super? What do you mean?
  8. Hacer ; al lineo "snd ="
  9. "Golden Immemorial" e "Shugendo Imitation"
  10. Lembrar! Incluir o nome do autor no arquivos
  11. Also I need to update this a little bit but forgot so thanks for commenting
  12. These are all just raps and their respective language. If it were by country it'd be pretty different and there would be way too many playlists for me at least
  13. @SainXTWho is the author?
  14. A bunch of people say they can open rar no problem so I just took their word for it, especially since it's such a common package file.
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