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  1. I guess that means, might as well check out his mobile apps, and spread the word.
  2. Actually, where the hell is his GoFundMe page for the character?
  3. I would like to see it, yes
  4. I guess Derrick just isn't keen on engaging with the community. I can understand why.
  5. View File Fly Ruby Flea The baddest Mo Fo Lo in the Galaxy!! And the least known character from Derrick D. Rowell By DDR Submitter Smoke Choked Submitted 09/07/2023 Category Original Characters  
  6. Version Beta


    The baddest Mo Fo Lo in the Galaxy!! And the least known character from Derrick D. Rowell By DDR
  7. Once his app games have reached 1,000 downloads? Well, the problem with that isn't their quality. I wouldn't know, since I've never played them. The problem is that he doesn't advertise them outside of a mostly empty forum and his website.
  8. Not my favorite games, but I highly recommend D'LIRIUM and Slaughter Horse 2
  9. Update: These are the songs I play on a regular basis when doing anything
  10. Last time I ping you for a while, I promise @Amaterachu1 We are in need of a Shovel Knight section!
  11. For anyone who doesn't know where Dooby Dummy comes from.
  12. This should help do the trick: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/view-hidden-files-and-folders-in-windows-97fbc472-c603-9d90-91d0-1166d1d9f4b5
  13. the fucking Homer portrait
  14. Just to clarify: You made this edit, right? If so, be sure to clarify that in the description
  15. @Amaterachu1 Please forgive me for requesting so many sections, but I feel that we need subsections for certain series that have Creepypastas of them, alongside other edits and OCs Minecraft: Minecraft Mods (for Minecraft characters that aren't taken from the source game, which may or may not include all versions of Herobrine) The Legend of Zelda: Zelda OCs (for Zelda edits and OCs, including all versions Ben Drowned) Pokémon: Pokémon OCs (I have discussed this, previously) My Little Pony: Pony OCs (for pony OCs and edits, which includes the Creepypasta ponies like Pin
  16. Exactly. I'd recommend looking up how to reveal hidden files, depending on your operating system, to solve the problem.
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