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  1. Ever since a month or so ago, all .exe characters aren't to be in the Creepypasta section anymore. Now they go into sections dedicated to edits and OCs. Sonic.exe characters go to the Sonic OCs section, and Mario.exes go to the Mario OCs section, for instance.

  2. 3 hours ago, GarfieldfanMUGEN said:

    Fun fact: With the file archived, this is a little over the size of the original freeware version of Cave Story, also archived. This is also nearly the size of the same version with Aeon Genesis' English patch pre-installed, again, also archived.

    Cave Story, for as huge of a game as it is, is less than a megabyte in size?

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  3. Mystical pack

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    37 minutes ago, lukeneto said:

    Lets do this. and if you haven't played mystical fighter, man I recommend the game it's sensational, or I think it's sensational because of nostalgia hehehe. And I think I'll repost on sega character/stages, after all, every time we talk about mystical fighter, we talk about megadrive. thanks for the tip.

    Then do it.

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  4. On 11/23/2020 at 7:46 PM, Lizard4Fun said:

    Well for people asking about stage,its from creepypasta from pinkamena and the stage as pinkamena basement from "Cupcake" vídeo in youtube,i guess the author is call "Cupcakesrevival",Sorry for broken some rule with the screenshots

    Can you please provide a preview of the stage itself? The preview image you have provided is a tiny emerald gif.

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