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  1. Hey, a request again Yoko and Athena vs Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson
  2. Thanks, dude. Oh the last request from me for this month. Yoko and Yuri vs Cinnamoroll and Jesse
  3. Hmm I need Yuri and Yoko vs Harley Quinn and Jesse
  4. Edited
  5. More please Pinkie Pie and Super Mario Maker vs Yoko Littner and Yuri (KOF)
  6. Woooww thanks.
  7. 3 vs 3
  8. Can I request another one? Yoko, Tifa and Leona vs Pinkie Pie, Harley Quinn, and Wakko Warner
  9. Thaannkkss
  10. Can I request Tifa and Yoko vs Pinkie Pie and Amy pls 2 v 2 Battle