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  1. Our culture has a tendency to worship YouTubers, musicians, and even billionaires to an unhealthy extent. But are these people truly the gods we make them out to be? Join me in documenting one of the most talked about guys on the planet right now, Elon Musk. 00:00 - intro 2:51 - not so humble beginnings 5:34 - silicon valley 9:28 - paypal 12:12 - tesla takeover 15:12 - our lovely sponsor 16:27 - tesla advertisement 19:15 - injuries lawsuits and carbon credits 25:38 - tunnels 29:04 - bird app 35:21 - conclusion  
  2. Song Credits: Music/ Lyrics by Toby Fox Vocals, vocal arrangement, base midi arrangement by Itoki Hana Live instrument arrangement and performance by Carlos " @insaneintherainmusic  " Eiene Guitar and bass by Jules Conroy  @FamilyJules   Music Video Credits: MV, Art by OMOCAT, LLC. Animation by SmallBu  @SmallButera Programming and Additional Editing by Fred Wood  
  3. Wayne.exe: MamaMax goes back to IMVU to finish a few jobs and finds a predator deep in the pedorings on TikTok. If you or someone else is in immediate danger, please call 911. If you are a survivor of CSA, please reach out: https://pastebin.com/x6xrjEv2https://pastebin.com/x6xrjEv2 If you have a criminal to report, submit it at: cybertip.org If you are failed by law enforcement, send me an email: mamamax.contact@proton.me If you want to send me your trophies, use the subject line: "monstricide" CHAPTERS: 00:00 Prologue 03:55 Khanjob 11:51 Investigation (Pablo Sunny/Zak Haddad Scene) 22:09 Loligagging 50:44 Epilogue 51:51 Credits 56:45 Post-Credit Scene    
  4. In May, Arnold Castillo aka Jadon Shedletsky was placed in custody by the FBI. These are the events that led up to his arrest.  
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