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    eh. it's not good. but it's not terrible either. just. meeehhh...
  1. excuse me what the hell is this
    yyeeaaahhhh this is just laughably bad
  2. buddy it's a opinion calm down
  3. and this is the vid i make to say i've gotten outta my vore fetish! [THANK GOD]
  4. UPDATE:so i've gotten out of my month long vore fetish [thank god] and yeah...this is not a good fighter AT ALL. so yeah 0/10 bad.
  5. ey. so i have a question. can anyone download this from mugen archive and send it here. since mugen archive is kinda garbage since you need a account to download ANYTHING above 10 mb. so i can download it here. if you do. thanks! https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=149295-dgblossom-v1-45-updated-doomguy-ii-mortalkombatfan-mariobros2321
  6. I just completed this quiz. My Score 33/100 My Time 108 seconds  
    10000/10 best mugen fighter
  7. Actually. ya know what. my review. is legit. since i have a vore fetish i guess.
  8. so how do ya delete reviews?
  9. Welp. My Review Was A Joke. In Reality. This Is A Garbage Edit Of A Fun Fighter. 3/10
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