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    Honestly a great character. One of the best versions of Zero without a doubt. Also his AI is great for setting up as a SKN Boss in Mugen. His moveset is also very well done. I recommend this character.
    He is a good character and especially for those who are looking for a great challenge. I recommend it.
    This is without a doubt a great version of orochi. Perfect movements, amazing AI, good gameplay. I recommend it without a doubt.
    He's a great character... His gameplay is fantastic. He is even great for those looking for a good challenge, because his AI is so good. I recommend it.
    It is without a doubt one of the best versions of Igniz that I have tried. Very accurate. Strong AI and very good challenge for those looking for a great challenge. I recommend it and it definitely deserves 5 stars.
    He is a great character, very fun to play and easy to use. His AI is excellent. Recommended.
    Cute and strong. And besides she is a good quality character. I definitely recommend it 5/5 stars.
    This certainly brings back fond memories of playing with some childhood friends. It also has very good quality. I recommend it 5/5 stars.
    This is amazing. Perfect to pass the time, besides the design of the screenpack is undoubtedly nostalgic and it also has good quality and quantity of characters. 5/5 stars I definitely recommend it.
    A great version of Igniz without a doubt. That AI patch is excellent and his gameplay are amazing! I recommend it.
  1. Could you give more information about it? Normally, the animations are the frames. If you have less, just remove the idle frames with the X button. If you have more, add them yourself by adding the + button, in this case I think that in your version of fighter factory it is the * On the other hand, I think this is the place where characters are published, not the doubts about them. I suggest moving the topic to the suggestion forums. Thanks!
    Very original, use the pals to change the fighting style. It's something I used to see in a lot of characters, whose palettes are usually the latest and only add half-baked or cheap content, but this character does it very well. I definitely recommend it.
    I like what I see, that AI is definitely great and devastating. Also, his char are very well done, both sprites and their moves. One of the best versions of Kim. I recommend it without a doubt.
    I like this stage, that beat'em up retro style looks very nice. Recommended
    I hadn't tried him until today, he's a great option character as a boss. His AI is very good at blocking attacks very well and performing combos he is able to beat even strong characters like donald. Fully recommended.
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