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    I like this version of Akuma. It has good gameplay and his AI is not bad at all! Recommended!
    He is a very interesting character. When he is KO'd he can revive one or several times. It will certainly be a challenge as soon as he gets up again. Recommended!
    Nice character! It certainly has excellent quality, thanks for sharing!
    I love this character this gameplay is amazing! Thanks for sharing this!
  1. Nice character! She is very cute
    This character needs some improvements. He has infinite priority and is somewhat broken.
    Very good character with good moves and AI! Recommended.
    A stage of great quality! Definitely deserves 5 stars!
    This stage is amazing! Very good quality and the lighting is fantastic! Deserves 5/5 stars!
    Very nice char! And his AI patch is very nice! Thanks for this!
    Excellent character, very good boss addiction! Thanks for sharing this!
  2. Allyallea


    Very good lifebars! They certainly look nice!
    Strange, but it has its style... Very good AI programmed by you, thanks for sharing this!
    This is very nice! This AI is amazing! Thanks for sharing this!
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