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  1. I have liked many mods, so I could not decide. However, I think Tricky mod is my favorite, nothing beats good music with a fast pace and action. It is also worth mentioning that the animations are great.
  2. I have seen Yuri in mugen recently made by enetop, I demand my lost point =(
  3. I have seen Yuri in mugen recently, I demand my lost point =(
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 75/100 My Time 45 seconds  
    Without a doubt one of my favorite characters in mugen, excellent sprites, animations, variety of movements, balance, gameplay, what more could you ask for? This is a character who definitely deserves to be on your roster.
    My favorite goku version in mugen. Excellent sprites, nice gameplay, great variety of movements and good balance. This character deserves to be worthy of being on your mugen roster. rating 5/5 stars.
    Very nice character!
    Nice AI... He can defeat powerful characters, like Donald.
  5. The best thing would be to use Kung Fu Man as a base, in the same way that many creators have done, such as Warner. Remove the constants (in the .cns file) and commands (in the .cmd file) you don't use and code new ones. For this you can see some YouTube tutorials. The basic punches (punches and kicks) would be 200-650. Look at the basic punch of the 200 state and guide yourself by what it explains the kung fu man coding, and as an additional point "triggers" are the activators events where the action is performed (for example , animelem = 3 will be activated on the 3rd frame).
  6. In mugen you can choose who can be your final boss. In general, I don't usually choose cheap characters, because it doesn't make sense. However, I can choose a boss of the same character with a less cheap version. A final boss that I might like... Abyss, suave dude, akuma and others.
  7. I must admit that this character is too powerful.
    I must honestly say that I love this character, definitely his sprites and attacks and AI. Although the latter I must remove it from her if I want to face her, lol. But it's easy to remove the AI from it, just remove the command from def st3 = BlackPrincess_Tohka_AI.cns into ;st3 = BlackPrincess_Tohka_AI.cns I think she is the most powerful character I have on my roster.
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