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  1. In mugen you can choose who can be your final boss. In general, I don't usually choose cheap characters, because it doesn't make sense. However, I can choose a boss of the same character with a less cheap version. A final boss that I might like... Abyss, suave dude, akuma and others.
  2. I must admit that this character is too powerful.
    I must honestly say that I love this character, definitely his sprites and attacks and AI. Although the latter I must remove it from her if I want to face her, lol. But it's easy to remove the AI from it, just remove the command from def st3 = BlackPrincess_Tohka_AI.cns into ;st3 = BlackPrincess_Tohka_AI.cns I think she is the most powerful character I have on my roster.
    I must admit that it is not bad at all, however it would improve the sprites of the projectiles, they are a bit strage xd
    A classic! The problem is their inflated stats of some characters ... But it is something that can be edited in cns... Rating 4/5
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