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  1. I challenge you, AK1, to a 4V4 Simul Mode Battle (Because nobody here has done that yet). For my team, I've decided to go with some characters that, let's say that their from the stranger side of things. When our teams go on the battlefield, I wish you luck there. My Team: 1. DOWN (The only character I've uploaded here) 2. Super Neon Green Luigi (Let's be honest, he's the most normal of these four) 3. Missingno. (Preferably the only by The None) 4. Atari Dragon (Classic Atari)
  2. (I registered here like a month ago, and I didn't do much since that day. This is a late introduction, but it's still an introduction, so here I am.) Why, hello there. I am an Unknown Wah, and most information about me will remain unknown, but starting with the basics: I'm a pretty nice guy My favorite color is blue I'm a big fan of Pokemon I usually overestimate my skill when online I like Waluigi a lot I'm a pretty big Nintendo fanboy I haven't played very much MUGEN recently, but if I find something interesting, I'll post something about said thing in the appropriate forum (will probably be the Characters, because some characters are pretty interesting...).
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    DOWN by Arti: This guy is based on an obscure glitch character included in Capcom's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure arcade game. The character is called DOWN because when selected (which can be hard to do), the 'DOWN' message is in the spot where his name would normally be. His appearance in Mugen is an even stranger one. Most of his sprites contains characters from the same game and his moveset is consisted of original joke material that would make him a joke character.