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  1. "Whoa, what a freak. Looked like a talking penis" - Scaramouche, Samurai Jack
  2. am i being robbed ? because there's no nsfw stuff in this char
  3. My name is shaojkahn, i love video games,movies,series,animes and other media stuff. i do gym and reasons why i make two accounts in mugen achive and this one because i like mugen and i'm also making mugen game called "Mugen multiverse battle". and it's nice to meet you all
    Man "Fuck you" i'll see you at work
  4. me seeing the 2nd photo: wait is that raku cha-
  5. i sure he going to make the full version of this game
  6. does this character comes with warning about loud and flash lights or something ?
  7. this mod is good but it's sad that's the creator of whitty left the community
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