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    She is an awesome character, has very good moves, Excellent Work.
    Great character, includes a very good AI, amazing special attacks, the gameplay of KOF XIII is impressive. Excellent Work.
    Nice edit, she is a great character, includes a decent AI and her attacks are amazing, can perform brutal combos. Excellent Work.
    Very amazing stage, the design looks elegant, and the zoom effect is great. Good Job.
    Great stage, looks very amazing and nice. Excellent Work.
    An amazing character, with great powers and a decent AI. Great Work.
    The AI is very strong, has very devastating attacks, and can pull off insane combos. No doubt, She is a great character.
    Undoubtely, it is an amazing game, it has many characters to play, fight against them and even see them fight each other, the stages are also impressive, very good with their respective characters. it is very entertaining, Great Work on this.
    Amazing character, coolest powers, awesome AI and perform brutal combos. Great Work.
    She is very strong, her attacks are great, impressive powers, good AI and she performs devastating combos. Awesome character.
    Nice edit, undoubtedly she's a very powerful character, with impressive attacks and an AI brutal. Excellent Work.
    The stage looks very elegant, I also consider this one of the best KOF stages. Really Amazing.
    This stage looks great, one of my favorites from KOF Excellent.
    No doubt, one of the best stages, it looks very amazing. Excellent Work.
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