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  1. I'm sorry for being so late but...

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday.gif

    1. Lulu-Chan2014


      Thank you @Daimonϟ ^_^❤️ 

    the two legends of Street Fighter EX2 Plus 👍 👍 👍 🍻 🍻 🍻 👍 👍 👍
  2. I go crazy every time I see her
  3. So this shows me that I'm not the only one this kind of thing happens to. lol it even makes it difficult for me where to start when I enter a forum or a social network for the first time
  4. My mind is in another world I think, because every time I see an image it always reminds me of something that I have already experienced or seen in many years of my life
    Nicely Done, a perfect char Great Work!
    Kono Giorno Giovanna niwa yume ga aru!
  5. @lukeneto In case of the character packs, do not forget to put the author name of each character in the pack and post it in the Character Packs section
  6. @Silver_ please remember to put the author name before posting
  7. Version 1.0.0


    palettes made by me "Daimonϟ" character link: https://www.andersonkenya1.net/files/file/13973-werewolf/
  8. @mariogmaer135HD No olvide colocar el nombre de autor antes de postear los archivos
    Not bad in fact this is one of the best versions of this character, Good work. waiting for Ying Zheng, coming soon, good luck
  9. You are a cinema, I could watch you forever🎵
  10. @Silver_please don't forget to put the author name before posting, even if you are the author of the files yourself
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