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  1. ok dude i dont search for proves or shit i just read the readme and if its not a port by him so why is he in the readme? and why e how you know every chars creator? do you live with infinite or pots? or what. i go by the readme. the readme says infinite i say infinite thats it. Readme.txt
  2. 79 downloads

    Gato CVS by GM
  3. 46 downloads

    Fuuma Kotaro CVS by KojiroBADNESS/Suprizle.
  4. 77 downloads

    Frank West CVS by varo_hades
  5. 68 downloads

    Yuki CVS ported not By Infinite
  6. 48 downloads

    White Wolf Strowd CVS By PRIME SC
  7. 55 downloads

    Violent Ryu CVS by Víctorys
  8. 91 downloads

    Shen Woo CVS By Infinite
  9. 40 downloads

    Created by chuchoryu, converted / edited by Bilzke85
  10. 76 downloads

    Kefla CVS by Chuchoryu.
  11. Thank you. i am uploading a lot of chars in my pc that i am not finding here. also POTS was in the readme of the char so if you can tell me who created this char. and yeah my english is bad, not a native as you see.
  12. 134 downloads

    Great CVS Juri port, unfortunately i dont know the name of the author.
  13. 92 downloads

    Great port by Mr. Ansatsuken
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