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  1. New link to the chars are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B-Q93HSSTzm79hBCl2lAHYVS3bQ5rAe_uSZfU_Q93w0/edit?usp=sharing they are in 17 parts.
  2. Hi so I've updated the post on here and MFFA with a new link to the chars I was going to try mega.nz but it still would have to be in parts because, guess what? when signing up mega.nz doesn't do 50gb anymore unless you probably upgraded it.
  3. ╰──╮ Hello hi, it's been a while since I've last posted in here for years lmao. but, anywho..... ╰──╮This mugen is called MUGEN AX2 but it's JUS - ANIME MUGEN EDITION w/ 1100+ JUS CHARS. The whole purpose of this mugen is that you never have to download another JUS mugen again for this will be the largest one in mugen history. although, this is only Part 1 of the mugen for, IDK I just wanted to release it just cuz lmao. I was going to complete it completely then release it but then, yknow I thought why not do it as the 1st part for people who don't mind it not being completed and then release the 2nd part where it's fully compleleted and people want it that way. nonetheless, here is some info: - Characters : 1100+ (although there is a total of 3000+ slots though in case if you want to know how many slots this mugen has) - Stages : 50 (but sadly only one appears in the game) - Music: N/A (when it comes to making mugens I really don't focus on putting any sound / music in it honestly) - DL Links: Link for the mugen here (aka only the fonts, data, mugen.exe, etc..) and, link for the chars for the mugen are here ♡ When you get the mugen, just get the chars folder and drag it unto the mugen and boom you're done! 😄 ┈➤ Please remember to have download managers for faster downloading such as the following: Jdownloader2 - https://jdownloader.org/download/index IDM (Internet Download Manager) - https://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/ ¡! ❞ Here some reminders when getting this mugen¡! ❞: - Yes, you can add characters unto it - Yes, you can replace said characters - Yes, you can reupload it somewhere but you need to give credit (you have my permission) - Yes, you can add more stages and last but not least... - Yes, you can add more randomselects but the biggest issue with it is, it has 50 stages but only one of them shows up which is the training stage. I've been trying to fix this problem for a while now to no avail but, I assure you let's hope it will be fixed by the time this mugen is completed. if are able to fix it while getting this mugen yourself, please let me know thank you 😄 - ALSO, I attempted to try to upgrade this mugen to 1.1 but it won't work so if you are able to do that as well let me know. I thought I upgraded it successful but for some reason still had errors from some chars that the char was a newer version of the mugen. --------------------- - And, one more thing the entire mugen isn't always mainly consisted of JUS / Chibi characters but it mistakenly has a few normal mugen chars but not too much for 99% of the roster is filled with JUS / Chibi chars regardless. Just wanted to let you guys know on that when you do end up selecting a character that isn't JUS / Chibi. --------------------- ➤ That is all - - Hope you can enjoy this mugen, and, just letting you know there is a special bonus when clicking on the mugen.exe file 😉 rather than the Mugen Ax2 Super Big.bat one. but if you want the mugen with 1100+ chars, you need to click on the Mugen Ax2 Super Big.bat file. please read the read me file from me when getting the mugen. Preview of the mugen:
  4. Everyone if you have the chance feel free to join my discord server: https://discord.gg/zff2Kbx5Xb - for I recently gotten hacked and, that server got deleted. it's dedicated to both my mugen and, sims 4 cc youtube channels. 

  5. Bruh, why is there like a setting to where I get notified if someone reported somethin. boi I ain't got time for that im here for some mugens and chars lmao

    1. The Pepsi In The Comments

      The Pepsi In The Comments

      I feel u lmfao, truly, I'm not good at reports and follow-ups lol

  6. The link to the game is now up and running! back up links aka non-torrent route for the game will be uploaded soon! so for now you can only use torrent to get it. thank you all for being patient go on the video for, for some reason I cannot edit the
    This is very good! is there perhaps an alternative download link for this one too? for, it's much easier for me to download via a download manager than thru the site.
  7. Hi so, the alternative link isn't working. I was going to download it thru the alternative link for I have a download manager but yeah it wasn't working for some reason. is there anyway you can fix it? thankies 😄
  8. Update: I've been receiving concerns, about how you guys aren't able to download the characters due to no seeders and just want to let you know that on my discord I've stated that I'll try to recover the mugen back on my pc thru a software if nothing comes of it ill be starting over on this mugen which hopefully doesn't resort to that. But if it does, I will let you all know.
    Y'all got kpop idols on mugen thrown hands now
    I agree with OldGamer he spilled. like, this really is a nice idea but lets be honest here no one up in here likes Mugen Archive and honestly, highly recommend for example like in my personal opinion maybe make a MFFA or andersonkenya1 screenpack. That would be so good, other than that like what he said it's poorly made and overall, does need some improvement. not even I wanna download it even though I only download full games for the chars lmao.
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