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  1. I know this is a long shot but i would love to see another vore char here That being Tina rex from the Amazing world of Gumball, i feel like she would make a good pred oh and have it be 18+ with AV as well please and thank you ^w^
  2. The character i would love to see here would be Tina rex from the amaizing world of Gumball, I would do it myself but i have no idea how to work fighter factory since i'm assuming that its called the tutorial button which doesn't work for me when i click it, and Mugen Archive we can only requets for existing chars.
  3. U.U Okay it might take some time
  4. fddghj,jhmgfdsghjkhgfrseawdgrtfhjkhgfdsadfghjkgfdsftjhkhgfdsadfjhkhgfdsafghjgfdsfghjkhgfdsfghjgfdghff
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