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  1. U.U Okay it might take some time
  2. fddghj,jhmgfdsghjkhgfrseawdgrtfhjkhgfdsadfghjkgfdsftjhkhgfdsadfjhkhgfdsafghjgfdsfghjkhgfdsfghjgfdghff
  3. *MegaDragon Was asleep at the beach Trying to ignore the fact that he was hungry, However he was soon disturbed by another derg as he was hit by a beach ball the other derg came to apologize but Megadragon was not pleased so he offered a the other dragon a deal that was "If you let me eat you i'll forgive you, deal?" the other dragon hesitated for a bit agreeing to him secs later, Mega dragon then swallowed him up as both his problems were solved he is no longer hungry and he was left undisturbed...*
  4. *Vorelord was looking hungry, fortunately he found a small derg hanging amog a clift with their tail, the smaller derg was a bit surprised to see Vorelord given that Vorelord was huge compared to him, Vorelord opens his maw, The smaller derg Was a bit scared a first but he couldn't escape as he was a bit stuck at the moment, he tries to pull himself back up but his efforts failed as he was just left there dangling from the clift looking appetising to Vorelord...*
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