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  1. the fact you dragged in politics and kids was unnecessary. it doesn't matter what culture or region your from if a kid is smart enough to download a proxy then the one at fault is the parent or guardian of the child. blaming the site has never worked. a lot of sites do quite a lot of work making sure the content cannot be downloaded by minors. yep the blame game...media got you too huh? the ones at fault are the ones who claim themselves as parents who don't pay attention to what the little ones are doing. now they saw porn and instead of being a responsible adult and accepting their own mistakes they pin blame on sites for offering the chance to download mature content. sites don't offer proxies, sites offer content to download either free content or in exchange for money. all of this being sparked by someone claiming mugen should be holy to...kids getting proxies and bypassing security and regions with their different laws. let's put it this way if a kid can play on mom's or dad's pc then no proxies required, they can straight up download stuff they ain't supposed to have all under their parents names.
  2. First off mugen is not a fighting game to begin with it's a customizable engine for fighting games. Secondly, you may put what ever content you want in this engine if users aren't comfortable with 18+ content then don't download it...don't remove it from the site entirely, it's not necessary since the site gives warnings about the content being mature/adult content. Thirdly, Everyone is allowed to put whatever they want into their rosters. I have an entire 18+ roster and then a safe for work roster for posting videos with. Your roster your rules, your choice and your FREEDOM! Holy or not the user in question may have been referring to his mugen being holy? if not and may have meant to be for all of mugen to be "holy" i mean it's fine..it could be by his rosters standards but do not oppress others for their choices...religiously, culturally or even socially...these choices are offered to us everyday we choose and we make our own rules but these said rules do not apply to every server or site you go to, respect that and move on. do what you do. For me i make large variety rosters and i love joke edits but i tamper with 18+ stuff at times and i enjoy naked females fighting each other or some hentai monsters. all in all Mugen united us as a community for our love of what the engine does and what it offers not by the rules we make for it but for the content we download and appreciate everyday.
  3. Im unable to play this character in my mugen she's missing some files. ../../data/mkp/bmoves.st ../../data/mkp/Pit.st ../../data/mkp/Fatality.st without these 3 files mugen is unable to load her up. when i downloaded her the ".." files and "data" or "mkp" files weren't there
  4. arell

    Renamon portraits

    was this portrait of renamon possibly made by Shadowteam? Im in some discord servers with him and he's shown off this exact portrait before.
  5. The author known as IX has made and released an ai patch for this character, as of yesterday if you know their onedrive link. Im assuming someone does since i saw 2 other arantadoh characters patched by IX in the originals section.
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