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  1. And the MUGEN 1.0 version?
  2. I'll change the standard MUGEN font for the Broken MUGEN font...
  3. Could make a adaptation of Valkyrie Princess Lifebars for MUGEN 1.0, please?
  4. Man... Another stage for MUGEN 1.1/Ikemen... I have to change it fromk MUGEN 1.0 to Ikemen soon...
  5. This character have AI Patch...
  6. An perfect last resort against retard chars!
  7. Maycol001


    This is one of the characters, what deserve an AI Patch...
  8. Sombody have the BOSS AI Patch realized by Poyochan, here?
  9. For some reason, this folder haven't appear in my PC. The char is in hidden file, or something?
  10. Please somebosy can create stages from Metly Blood Type Lumina for MUGEN 1.0, too!
  11. All the MUGEN community nned the version edit from Another Kung Fu Man from Garionfeld called Kung Fu Dude...
  12. Inside of Team Versus Mode my characters, create clones of my character... How to fix this glitch?
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