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    Fun to play as, Awful to play against. Spammy AI.
    Cool sprite job and fun to play as, awful AI and annoying to play against.
    This thing beggin spamming at you even before the fight starts, awful AI.
  1. Ganzer

    CN01 Black

    Spambot 2.0
    Awful broken AI.
    nice sprites but crappy spammy AI.
    i really dont understand why people enjoy adding annoying spammy and unbalanced AI to characters...
    Its a good job but it has an awful AI, enough for me to dont like it.
  2. Ganzer


    Annoying AI, i can lock you on a nearly infinite combo or for some reason can also ignore your guard, its not impossible to beat, but it is seriously annoying to fight.
    This thing has the crappy AI that for some reason people like to add to their fighters that pull infinte combos out of her ass and can lock you without letting you block.
    Sh!tty annoying AI with infinite combos and other lame ass stuff.
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