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  1. Es por un sistema de protección en contra de ataques cibernéticos del cual ambas páginas hacen uso llamado Cloudflare. Seguramente tu IP debe de ser reconocida como peligrosa o cuando menos sospechosa de acuerdo al misterioso o caprichoso criterio del que Cloudflare hace uso.


    Alguien me conto que todos los chileanos han perdido el acceso al Archivo de MUGEN. Pero por qué un sitio le prohibiría el acceso a toda una nación. La verdad es que no puede ser.


    Un poquito de spanglish no le hace daño a nadie.
  4. Oh man, I have come here too late But if you ask me I would have liked that my team was Omega Tiger Woods 2012 and Dee Bee Kaw.
  5. Hey! I like some hip-hop korean songs too and even some pop songs. I know about it 'cause they were included in Pump It Up simulation dance machine. (Early in the 2000's). Maybe I'll be encouraged to upload one or another song in the music box. Yeah, I collected several Pump It Up music mp3s.


    Hola amigos de AK1. Llego aquí como lo que soy, un simple jugador de MUGEN que poco o nada sabe acerca de diseñar o editar personajes. Tengo una cuestión con cierto edit de Omega Tiger Woods. Lo que quisiera es cambiar el input o bien el comando (la manera en como se marca) para cierto movimiento especial. Alguien aquí sabrá como hacerlo. Se los agradecería mucho, gracias.


    Yo supongo que necesito publicarlos nuevamente, más sin embargo sigo pensando que esto es muy extraño. ¿Cómo se van a perder mis vídeos así nada más? Algunos ya habían estado en este sitio por meses. En fin, como sea... Este sitio me deja una sensación de como si fuera una mezcla rara entre Mugen Libre Para Todos y el Archivo Mugen.


    ¡Oigan, un momento! Todos los vídeos que había publicado en la sección de vídeos desaparecieron de la noche a la mañana. Me parece muy extraño. Al menos quisiera saber por qué fueron removidos.
  9. When I use The_None's Giygas fighting againts CPU Giygas and he traps me into his mini-games, especially the voleyball trap where you need to hit one ball and make it go up using physical blows. Since Giygas has 2 physical attacks and they are slow and don't have much precision so that stupid mouth always ends eating my Giygas.


    Yo tengo almacenada mi plantilla de personajes en M.I.C.A Final Version. Es un screenpack de baja resolución (640x480) y está disponible para MUGEN 1.0 y 1.1 Y si no te importa usar un screenpack muy de antaño te recomendaría probar el EVE Battle en MUGEN 1.0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yUr9r_zYStzhDNl0DaVnYKqErzFzv1Qs Hasta le hice un vídeo tutorial:
  11. Haha!, really man? So characters like Sakura Kasugano (Street Fighter Alpha series) must be "protected" because she is a schoolgirl . Oh man... You gotta be kidding me. It's well known that schoolgirls appear very often in japanese mangas and of course hentai mangas as well. When the mangakas (people who draw/script) these mangas the only thing they are doing is expressing their FANTASIES and nothing else, not their REALITIES . The same applies with any other 18+ media anime, OVAS etc. Fictional characters don't exist. Or don't you know that waifus, lolis etc in Japan don't exist in real life? Duh! Is it really so difficult to differentiate fantasy from reality? Do you know what would be better? That you will respect the tastes and preferences from other people. RESPECT is the word. What I've heard about Japan is a very conservative country. The real japanese shoolgirls are like anybody else, they have feelings, they are thinking beings and of course they are not sexual objects like in FICTIONAL STORIES In fact that mini-skirts commonly founded in anime, games etc does not correspond with reality. In fact japanese people live sick by the rules and that's why they like a lot fictional stories 'cause in them all rules are broken It is so obvious... So Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury series) deserve be considered prostitute if she is put on a 18+ media because her sexy clothes only? No, I don't agree. When you are worry about "children" in fact you are worry about children drawings (schoolgirls, waifus, lolis etc) instead of real people. So again let's learn to differentiate fantasy from reality PLEASE!!
  12. I was reading some comments in the chatbox, I just found these messages User 1: I want to download roper 18+ where is it? User 2: @User 1 pervert User 2: MUGEN is an holy fighting game, not an 18+ one User 2: I am sorry but I can't hold this opinion for me User 2: No offence but the MUGEN must be and remain holy User 2: And at least stop asking about 18+ characters here in public chat you pervs User 3: @User 2 Agreed. I hate 18+ content. It ruined MUGEN completely... So I just felt curiosity and I download this character (from other website) that I even didn't know about it That Roper 18+ resulted be a creature with a very noticable phallic shape. Yeah, even it's appearance was unplaseant to see. And watching it on action well, that was... Oh man! I even feel disgust just to remember it's attacks Yeah, that Roper makes me feel nauseous. Beyond all of that the User 1 just was asking one question I mean, he didn't use offensive language, either described the disgusting nature of the character It just asked for that character in particular. So here the User 2 get in the chat and named pervert to User 1 (Which was obviously disrespectful for User 1). And then started to speak trash about 18+ MUGEN content. Holy Crap with this User 2! How on earth someone can name "Holy" to MUGEN? "MUGEN is an holy fighting game, not an 18+ one" here I got news to User 2: MUGEN feature some characters that enters in the categories of victims and aggressors. This is not new stuff, and the way User 2 express itself is ridiculous. As I said User 1 did it's question while was behaving with measure. According to AK1 rules the users must to keep respect to others but that that rule no matters to User 2. That user is fully convinced that is on the "GOOD SIDE" and other people that have different likes are in the "EVIL SIDE" And and to make the situation worse User 3 enters to the conversation "I hate 18+ content. It ruined MUGEN completely..." What these people don't seem to understand is 18+ MUGEN content is just a fraction of it and people who likes it deserve respect like everybody else but that doesn't seem to be the case "18+ content ruined MUGEN completely". Wow! I guess the User 3 is being obligate to consume 18+ MUGEN content by other person who is pointing a gun at it... All of the legal age should have the liberty to use this kind of content no matters what, even the liberty to expressing it but it seems not. I even read later some comment posted by User 3 demanding to keep children away of that content. I understand the point but this isn't the appropiate way to state it. If people are fearing that their children can get access to inadecuate content for them, you know what could be better: to have a good communications with their children. Teach them that they should not consume that kind of content. People can even check the activities or content downloaded by them. If fathers doesn´t know MUGEN at all well, it would be fine that they learn about their children likes of video-games. Just keep in mind that there is a huge group of adults who play games as well and when I'm saying games I'm refering MUGEN, of course. In conclusion 18+ MUGEN content makes me sick, but people that don´t respect the other's MUGEN preferences are worst. Definetly.
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