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  1. Damn they were completely ruthless on round 3.
  2. I mean if you're fighting on one side rather than the match being all AI itself I can see why.
  3. Weak? Why is that?
  4. These chars are anything but weak. Don't worry about it. : )
  5. An edited version of Shin Gouki who's faster but does a bit less damage.
  6. If you want a better version AI patched version of him, here's the link. Enjoy!
  7. If you want to do a 2v2 request here you go. My team.
  8. Hello, I see you looked at my page well actually more than 200 people have checked my page out. I know it has been a year since I've been on this site.

    1. Amaterachu1


      I look at a lot of people's pages when I'm bored