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  1. The Lord of Devils is back again! 😈

    Daimon Heroes Evolved.png30adcbef76094b36f95e3f97accc7cd98c109dff.png

    1. Baron Bombano

      Baron Bombano

      Let's stance ⚔️

    2. jbl198cm
    3. Daimonϟ


      Let my enemies face the golden cyclone 🌀

    One of the best versions of "Clone Zero", the moves are great and the AI is aggressive, which makes him a very powerful character Good job
  2. Goodbye Battler < Welcome Prometheus


    A very divine stage, it looks very amazing Great Job
    A very amazing game, the characters are very good, they are very powerful and fun to play, also the stages are great. Excellent work on this game
    I don't know who she really is, but is a great character, she has awesome powers. Good Job
    Well done, this Ash is very good, he has very amazing attacks, excellent character
    Great game, the characters are amazing and very strong, fun to play and watch them fight. good work
    Amazing stage, looks very impressive, well done
    Wonderful stage, I really like these types of stages, Good job.
    Excellent game, contains many great and entertaining characters, they are also fun to watch them fight against other characters. Good job on this game.
    A very amazing character, he is very strong and has devastating attacks Well Done
    One of the best versions of Ken Masters, his AI is very good, and I really like his special attacks, good job on this.
    Well, an excellent character, I really liked it a lot actually, the moves are great and the AI is very decent, it's also fun to play. Good Job.
    This character is very good, a great edit of Adelheid, has moves that are really great, and some impressive special effects Well Done
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