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  1. 我 Mars


    Very powerful, aggressive AI and massive attacks, excellent character thanks for sharing
    A wonderful stage, very excellent Good Job
    Very Amazing character, Brutal AI and excellent attacks Thanks for this character.
  2. You are awesome, keep it up

    Very interesting, she is an amazing character, cool special effects and strong attacks. Well done, Keep it up
    Powerful character, with amazing powers and brutal AI, well done
    Very impressive, a stage well designed and done, excellent work Thanks for this
    Amazing character with special effects and great attacks, Good Job
  3. Every time I see this character reminds me a lot of Astolfo, I don't know why 🙃
    Very impressive, one of the best, Great Job
  4. 我 Mars


    it's hammer time
    One of the best stages I've seen, Good Job
    Great Stage, looks very amazing Thanks for this
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