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  1. S4lv4j3


    mejor ni imaginar si eso pasara con toda latinoamérica 😬 yo ya me hubiera dado por vencido, aunque no sé, raras veces me entiendo a mí mismo
    Amazing stage, looks very interesting Well done
  2. 12/31/22 I will wait for you until the end, you were the best in my life, I hope you find someone better than I could be, I don't want to be a monster anymore, I wish you luck in the future. See ya

    Dec 9, 2020: I met you

    Dec 14 2021: I enjoyed you

    Dec 31 2022: I will miss you

    1. Clarice


      what happened?

    2. S4lv4j3


      It seems strange to me that you have put the exact same date that the events occurred, really? what's going on? Why did you suddenly put 12/31/2022? Is it that perhaps you plan to retire after all? sorry but this raises a lot of questions

      if you really want to make that decision, that's fine, I understand, you're free to do it, it's a shame to know that things won't be like before, but don't worry, I'll always remember you, everything we have lived together until the end of the line, I wish you luck in your new life.

    Very interesting and strong character, one of the best Well Done
    Excellent Stage, just what I needed, thank you very much for uploading it, keep it up, good job man!
    I remember this great stage, it fills me with nostalgia, one of the best classics without a doubt. Thanks for this, Good Job man.
    Not bad, excellent character, good gameplay and design Well Done
  3. This makes me very nostalgic
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