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    Just total ownage with this character. One of the mightiest characters ever made before the null cheapies stepped in Mugen like Crazy Catastrophe for example. He also KO'd some invincible characters such as Very Cheap Insane Silly Gaelik SSj135, Ultimate Chimera for example.
  1. "Elecbyte" for making Mugen and Kung fu man "Kairi" for making the animal characters OP and funny "Nomi" for making cheapie milestones in Mugen history "Gaelik" For Chuck Norris "Phantom.of.the.Server" for Rare Akuma "Rin" for Infinite Soulabyss "Zabujca Milan" "Rebornknight"
  2. View File Daiyousei Daiyousei by "nns" Submitter Thespeedster Submitted 02/06/2023 Category Touhou Project  
  3. 10 downloads

    Daiyousei by "nns"
  4. I don't know this will work or not, but the reputation stay the same as it is.
  5. Can we edit or delete posts/comments any time? Yes I know, we can edit posts and comments but only for a short period of time. It puts so much stress on me that I have to make another comment/post incase I accidently misspelled when in rushing to comment or adding a review, and then Couldn't edit it anymore. Also can we delete polls please? Because I request one of my polls to be deleted, since it's pointless. This Website still needs some improvement, but it is definitely much better than Mugen Archive. But I'm not sure about the files though since you can bring in new versions of them anyways. Yes people make mistakes, but shouldn't ever make one huge mistake that can spell disaster. I get it why PPGGamer/KemZoeFandom Makes so much Garbage characters and people bash them , but this user still needs some improvement that way her characters don't get bashed as much. This website is similar to Warframe forums website, but it is a Mugen website. If a user make or upload crappy characters doesn't mean they deserved to be banned, it's just that their crappy characters is going get bashed by people and that user gets downvoted and 1 star review bombed, but If they break the rules they should receive a warning but if they persist breaking those rules, then they deserved to be banned if don't know when to quit breaking those rules. Please read this moderators, Allowing delete comments, posts, and polls any time and editing them any time can give users a second chance, if you ignore this, then they won't be second chances for users.
    A really fun cute Character to play as and her AI went from easily losing to Kung Fu Man to Easily beating Kung Fu Man in a AI vs AI fight. This version of Daiyousei may be old, but this is still a must have for your collection!
  6. 13 downloads

    In order for this character to work, you need to go to the options file Where [State 0, Varset];check is, then you change the value to 20180922. DIYUSI by "sin-theta"
  7. 12 downloads

    Cirno Brando by Moiky
  8. View File Sunny Milk Sunny Milk by hetyo Submitter Thespeedster Submitted 01/15/2023 Category Touhou Project  
  9. 14 downloads

    Sunny Milk by hetyo
  10. Version 2.1.0


    A SuperNull character that Test his opponent's defense, similar to what Infinity Zero does. Introduction to lethality: Layers 1-2 is a normal to dead method without any isolation technology Layers 3-5 is isolated attack, using %n attack technology Layer 6 is to launch isolation attack by force, using API thread splitting attack technology Layer 7 is all the attacks above are executed at the same time, and the interference time is 2 times of the ordinary single layer Layer 8 is a special layer. The soul abyss will give up attacking the opponent's characters and attack the main p
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