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  1. I'm looking for Street Fighter 3 screenpack for mugen. Can anyone help me find it or maybe share the download link?
  2. It sucks that this version of Chun-Li from SF2, for some reason and odd author decision, has CvS voice instead of original SF2 voice. Why would you even do that? Like, her CvS voice doesn't even fit her SF2 look.
  3. Hi everyone! So yeah, the name of the topic speaks for itself. I just wanted to spill out some RAGE that is in me, about m.u.g.e.n, cause most of the time it pisses me of! And i wanna start all this with the fact that, there is nothing simple with mugen. First of all, the configuring the mugen. You see, you can't just go, put your favorite screenpack in to mugen, click on it one time and had fun. If you want to put together your own game, then prepare to suffer. I mean, i tried to configure Super Street Fighter 2 screenpack, changing the size of character slots, to make them biger and look the same as in original game. But guess what! After changing cell.size = line, it didn't even changed the size of the slots. It only change the space between them, but not their size. Why? Why in the living world it does not, if the line literally says CELL.SIZE??? And so yeah, i decided to google it out and, turns out, to change their size, you have to change like 20 or 25 different lines in system.def file, or else there will be no change to the size of the character slots. And that pisses me off A LOT! Like, if you creating a new line for your game engine, and you calling it CELL f%cking SIZE, then make it work the way it should. The way it was called. Make it possible for that line to change the f%cking size of the slots JUST WITH THAT F%CKING LINE!!! Was that too damn hard for Elecbyte to do, to make mugen work properly or what??? But that is just one thing that pisses me of in mugen. The other thing that pisses me of, is the fact that, you can't just make a random image in, like, Paint, and put it in your mugen, by changing the current image. You have to download photoshop, you have to decode that image in specific colors, and only then your image will work and will be possible to put it in to mugen. Like, WTF, why? WHY, IN THE NAME OF GOD, DO YOU DO THAT, ELECBYTE, WHY?? Why do you have to make all hard and not ONE CLICK easy? Was that too hard to allow mugen to see EVERY KIND of image, that you want to put in to it or what? Can somebody explain it to me, cause i'm so pissed of that my brain doesn't want to think right now. And yes, i tried, for example, making my own portrait for, like, Ryu from Street Fighter for the mugen, and changing the one that was in that character, to the one that i made. And guess what? Right: THE IMAGE WAS NOT SHOWING UP IN MUGEN!!! Then i asked one of my friends and, guess what again? You right! He said that, in order to make your image work, you have to save it through photoshop, with specificl colors, or else it will not work. This is straight up some bullshit! I don't get it, why do you have to make everything hard with this engine, and why it can't just work like it should, i have no freaking idea. Another thing that pisses me of about mugen, is that, you can't find the content that you want for mugen. You see, recently i was trying to find some characters for Mortal Kombat Project Season 2 Final, that was made by borg117 for the mugen. And those characters was like super cool but super rare. But i found them, and guess what? Most of them were only working on the old version of MK Project, and not on the one that i have, which is the latest one. And then i started to search all around for those characters, to download them and put them in my game, but guess what? There was only a videos about the characters that i needed, but no freaking download link. Seriously, man, this is not fair. I mean, if people created characters for the mugen and posted a videos about their work, then why not share those characters with everyone? Why don't you just put a download link somewhere, point the people's nose in to that link and forget about it. Why?? Why do you have to make it impossible to find those characters? And because this situation, i decided that i will find, no matter what, those characters, download them, and put them all somewhere, where i can access them any time i like. And even if i lost them, for some reason, so i would be able to easily find and download them. Cause it is not fair, when you find only a video, about this or that character that you need for the mugen, but with no download link. And i wanted to make it fair. And the last thing that pisses me of about mugen, is the fact that, you can't make any fighting game on this engine, IF you don't know how to code that shit. Thus, if you are not a programmer, and you don't understand how to write a code for it, then you basically can't do nothing with that engine. And this fact makes me wanna trash mugen and forget that it exists. But sadly, i can't, because this is the only fun thing in the gaming world that i can do. Cause i have a old PC and i don't have money to buy a new one. And so, the only way for me to have fun, is to play the old stuff, or just to get mugen, put it all together and enjoy your time. Otherwise, my free life time will be boring. So yeah. Now, that i talked about all this shit, that makes me wanna destroy mugen engine, i now feel better. Thanks for everyone, who was reading this all crap that i'm talking about here.
  4. So yeah, the question is, how do i change the special moves timing for Street Fighter characters? You see, i have few Street Fighter characters that has weird timing for their special moves. And so, when you do those moves, they are not gonna work, but if you mash the combination, then they are gonna work but randomly. Like Ryu's shouryuken move or Sagat's tiger uppercut and tiger knee. Sometimes they work and other times they are not working. So yeah. If anyone knows how do i make those moves work properly, please help me out with this.
    Not bad but, animation of his stance, his select screen render and versus screen render is kinda lame. Or, to be honest, they sucks. They are not the same that were in MK Shinobi, which is what this Scorpion actually is. Also, the spear animation, while he drags the opponent toward himself looks like the chain is shrinking, and not like it been pulled. All tho, the character is playable.
    Doesn't work on MKP S2 Final. Has too many bugs and thus unplayable!
  5. Actually, this Scorpion, and his sprites, are from demo version of Mortal Kombat Shinobi by borg117. He released that demo versions back in like 2013 or so, along with Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Cyrax and Sektor sprites as a bonus content. I know that because, i was following his project, and i still do. He will release new version of MK Shinobi soon, as he finishes the characters. At least, that is what he says tho.
    Not bad, but he has few bugs in MKP S2 Final. First one, that i have noticed, is that, most of the time Kotal Kahn does his combo breaker move automatically, when opponent AI character are trying to hit him. In that time, i'm not doing anything, and Kotal just simply does his combo breaker by himself. I don't know, how to fix that, but it needed to be fixed. But yeah, the character itself works fine on MKP S2 Final by borg117.
  6. Hi everyone! The nickname is DeathColdUA (obviously lol) and YES, i'm from Ukraine. Found your website, after i been banned on Mugen Archive literally for voicing my opinion on what they are doing with their restrictions. I was searching for some cool and comfortable website with m.u.g.e.n stuff and found your website. Decided to register here and found some interesting stuff here. But it seems that your website is not updating m.u.g.e.n content because, there is a lot of new character for m.u.g.e.n borg117 Mortal Kombat Project Season 2 Final, and there is many interesting stuff for other m.u.g.e.n games, but it nowhere to be seen on your website. Anyway, i hope that you can upload more interesting content in here for m.u.g.e.n and yeah, i'm gonna stay here, cause it looks like this is the only one comfortable website to download some m.u.g.e.n stuff. Thanks for your attention. DeathCold out.
  7. Just played it and, this is another broken mugen game. Many of the special moves does not work, music are missing from most of the game and characters are inconsistant. Wish you could know, what you are downloading, but sadly there is no way to find it out before you try it yourself.
  8. Just tried it and, well, it is broken. Characters are inconsistant, stages does not fit those SF characters and... well, like i said in my short review: screenpack is a mess. If you want a good mugen street fighter game, then this one is not the one you should be playing. But, it is up for you to decide, if you wanna play it or not.
    Ah, good old Mortal Kombat Project. My very first mugen MK game. Good stuff.
    Cool game. Played it, had fun. I recommend to check it out, all tho there is not that much new stuff in this game, in comparison to the original TMNT Tournament Fighters and Justice League Task Force.
    Played it back in the days. This is the worst mugen Mortal Kombat game ever made. All tho, it has some cool characters.
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