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  1. This is my M.U.G.E.N remake of the game The King of Fighters: NeoWave, being titled "The King of Fighters NeoWaVe: Reloaded". It is still a work in progress as I plan on adding some more things as well as polishing up the game's roster, gameplay, and presentation. You can download the game here and try it for yourself. All you have to do after downloading it is to "extract" or "unzip" the file, open the folder, double click on the M.U.G.E.N icon (Blue circle with a white "M" on it), and enjoy! There is also a "Gallery" folder for you to check out screenshots and artwork. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Game on, SCtheWolf Download Link: Upload files for free - KOF-NEOWAVE-BETA-TEST-GAME.rar - ufile.io KOF-NEOWAVE-RELOADED-TITLE-SCREEN.bmp
    There needs to be a lot fixed in this MUGEN version of King of Fighters Neowave: The cursor on the select screen only shows up for Athena and Mai, the character portraits are off, and my K' floats to the top of the screen when knocked out. In addition, there's no Seth, no Geese, and no Vanessa. This has the potential to be a great MUGEN port of KOFNW, but many things about it need to be fixed first. SCtheWolf
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