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  1. Wow...she's something new, I've never seen such a rare character like her before, and her moves are outstanding.
  2. I believe it's Harley Quinn https://www.andersonkenya1.net/files/file/7650-harley-quinn/
    she's a very cute young lady, and her moves are really good, thank you my friend for posting more great content, keep that up!
    Excellent work as usual, hard work always pays off. The characters, stages, music, the effects and most important the screenpack looks perfect. Although it has some type of malfunction black square that appears for few seconds but other than that everything looks good.
    I don't recognize this character. but i must say that this character is magnificent specially his moves
    splendid work as usual my friend, i agreed with the reviews down below. thank you, for taking your time and releasing another outstanding game.
    Well, KOF it's a really fun game. I'm still having difficult in learning it. but this is quiet a great title, also great job in your latest version. you have a great talent in building mugen games. thanks again for posting this masterpiece. take my 5 stars and also have my gratitude for introduce me to this game.
    I gotta admit that she's a very powerful and cute character, I'll gladly add her to my roster. Thank you for posting great content, keep that up my friend
  3. View File Sebastian Michaelis - JUS ''You see, I am simply one hell of a butler'' Mugen 1.1 only Author: TrafalgarLawzz Download Link: Submitter Skyrim Submitted 05/22/2022 Category Jump Stars  
  4. Version 1.1


    ''You see, I am simply one hell of a butler'' Mugen 1.1 only Author: TrafalgarLawzz Download Link:
    Whoa! very impressive game, each of these fighters looks new and fascinating to me. I've never seen characters like these before. specially the stages as well. well done, you've earn another well deserved 5 stars. keep that up my friend
    No way! I didn't expect to see my childhood hero in Mugen, thanks for posting him. you can have my 5 stars as my gratitude.
  5. Skyrim


    She's quiet impressive, strong and pretty. I've never seeing edited characters like her before but this deserves 5 stars indeed.
    I must say that kof has really impressive stages and this one looks fascinating. Thanks again for uploading great content. Keep that up mate 👍
    That's a really impressive kyo, i'm not familiar much with kof series. but thanks, for introducing me with them.
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