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  1. this time the game is been moved to a safer location, I notices a lot these youtuber take my Compilation game and dont give credit of the Mugen community or to me when making the game. some the video I saw took my good name and replace it there own name by confusing the other viewers by making them to think they created Mica Screen Pack and making money of my creation. And so I made a partnership with Game Jolt. Mica can finally be a Free full game for everyone to enjoy. Mugen Infinite Character Arena Final Compilation was not to be distributed to be pay to play or Commission or to be a Product for sell, The Mugen Software is freeware fan made base software to create and build your own Fighting game in 2D with no type of programming skills, Only way Mugen creator can make money of The mugen software by Commission or donation by Hiring them to make a Mugen Characters for you or submit a donation to keep their website a float to pay their bills, Today Youtubers take and steal from the Mugen Creator's Content for there selfish greed or for build more traffic attention to there Youtube contribution, Now the game be safe here at Game Jolt. you can download the full game compilation located here Mugen Infinite Character Arena Final Compilation Full Game Download at Game Jolt https://gamejolt.com/games/mugen_infinite_character_arena_final_compilation/450074 I would love for All Mugen Creator that love to build and create your mugen original content and Join Game Jolt, and Contribute your full game project with them for better security and fun way to distribute your creation to the world here there website https://gamejolt.com/
  2. @Amaterachu1 Google Agents fix my account and I finally got the game file back and retored, they said that there good drive removed becuase its had malware, but I told them that its was false reading of there part, so they brought the file back and now its ready to be downloaded Here a new link for everyone to enjoy Sorry for the long wait https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C5kWjpCyPd6FiiPEFTStD_HseIZUSpZP/view?usp=sharing
  3. sorry the game was removed off by google
  4. I like to give special thanks to Cedric Flowers for helping me make the video to show the Pure HI Quality of the Screen Pack also he been good friend and great beta Tester for this new project This video shows the Title screen, Main Menu, Options Screen, and the Select Screen. And the Music Composer for these tracks, Nitro Fun:
  5. Im so sorry about that the best way to run it right is remove the intro and ending they are the true cause of its all
  6. hi and welcome to the AK1 mugen community
  7. We finally Have Mugen Videos Tutorials Complete that is RIGHT everyone. I finally complete a full 14 videos of Mugen Videos Tutorials, for anyone want to learn in Baby steps on how to make Mugen intros,Mugen Stages, Mugen lifeBars and also Mugen ScreenPack Created and made By Me OldGamer The Mugen video guides can be found here at the Mugen Videos Tutorials Section located here by this link https://www.andersonkenya1.net/video/browse/3-mugen-tutorials/
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is a Original mugen stage that were created base off gobou Creation Animation
  9. View File birdmania reach City 1.1 This is a Original mugen stage that were created base off gobou Creation Animation Submitter OldGamer Submitted 09/30/2019 Category Undertale Stages  
    the screen pac guide is now complete also I would like to make clear that I went ahead and took all my time to get all this done to help everyone to understand and learn how to make your own screen pack if you have any other questions about regarding with the guide that I provide for you guys please let me know however I am not going out of my way to help fix your own troubleshoot but I will will help you and see and find out what is your problem when you're making your own screen pack I'll try to troubleshoot your problem and then tell you what you did wrong but then you have to fix it yourself after that that's the kind of support I will willing to do for anyone who wants to learn about screenpack please use simple words that I can understand do not use short-term questions that don't make no sense to me you have to be very clear and very detail what's your sentence so this way I can look and see what went wrong and I can give you the proper answer of yours troubleshooting when you're making your own screen pack