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  1. working on new idea and new layout for the Roster select screen with many slots also this be the first time a HD screen pack that will have 30,120,400,600,800,900,1400 and a Category Screen for selection of slots for the screen pack, this never been don on HD version
  2. its nice screen pack for sure sadly the original created never complete the screen pack
    this very useful ending for anyone is planning on making Clayfighters 2 Full game. I give this 4/5 stars for great collection 😄
    good screen but the wrong lifears in the wrong screen pack The original creator is named Juaniquillo A.K.A. Ares-Ax I give a this rating 3/5
  3. if I remember that had 590 to 600 that original creator made
  4. there will be more slots and other cool thing to go with the screen pack at this time this just a sneak peek what to come, The project started as a Private Version of Kazecat My version screen pack for my self, but I had this crazy idea that why not go and remodel it and do a lots of changes make it into a real Official Screen pack for the AK1 Mugen Community
  5. all artwork of AK1 logo goes to Renew AK1 Super Luigi by Ukalayla for me using this as the logo intro
    Okay is nice Idea and all but I don't like how is made, Please don't take the wrong way this my personal Opinion and my feedback of this Fangame Here My good feedback well I see you did wonderful job with the idea Here My Bad Feedback 1. The Select Screen is to plain and basic and dull is more like of Mugen default 2. Very Bad choose of a Title Screen because everyone have loving HATRED TO Mugen Archive 3. Bad choose of characters 4. Vs screen could have more work Overall statement of the game This not mush of a Game but more of a Mugen fan that h
  7. Version 1.0.0


  8. View File JUS_SardineDreamStation by OldGamer Submitter OldGamer Submitted 09/15/2021 Category Other Stages  
  9. you 100% right I was doing looking around that was super weird did that to my side
  10. sorry for Dump topic lmao but Im the best mugen screen pack creator does that count ? 😝
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